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8 Signs She Had Sex With A Lot Of Men

Knowing she’s had quite a handful of partners is not just something you can pick supernaturally, but being observant can sure go a long way in helping you decipher.
Here are four signs that mean she is more likely to be very sexually experienced.
1. The way she talks – Women who are sexually experienced are quite outspoken when it comes to doing the do. Even if they are the most quiet human beings ever, you get to see their real mien during sex. More sex usually mean more sexual confidence, especially if she is having great sex. Once a woman is sexually confident, she will have no qualms about discussing sex-related issues.
2. When she knows exactly what she wants The more sexual experience a woman have, the more open she is about her needs. Also, the more sex she has, the more knowledge she garners about what works for her and what does not. So if she tells you to go about sex one exact way, then be sure she didn’t just start having sex yesterday.
3. When she teaches you a thing or two You might consider yourself a bedroom don, but when you get in bed with her, she begins to show you explosive things your body can do that you never knew. This is because, not only has she been pleased a lot of times, she has also learned how to please.
4. When is is unashamed A woman who has had quite a long list of experiences does not find it difficult to take off her clothes and dance for you. She can throw caution to the air and rock that cowgirl move like a porn star. If she seems to be very uninhibited and able to let go in the bedroom, then she is no JJC!

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