Vusi Nova car accident
Award-winning Musician Vusi Nova said he's grateful to be alive after surviving a horrific car accident on Saturday night. When the accident happened, he was on his way to the Vaal after attending his friend Somizi Mhlongo's jubilee celebration at Sun City, North West.

Fortunately, Vusi and his bodyguards were unharmed in the incident. On Sunday, the musician shared a clip of the wrecked car on his Instagram account.

The accident left Vusi Nova grateful to be alive. He shared a post on his Instagram, which he captioned:

"As some of you may know, I was involved in a car accident last night. I went to Pretoria for a gig, and then I went to Sun City in Pretoria. We were celebrating Somizi's 50th birthday celebration. From there, I was going to another gig at the Vaal.

When I left my friends in Sun City, I didn't think it could be the last time I saw them. Then this accident happened along the way. This accident got me thinking life is too short". Vusi Nova said.

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His words were filled with good wishes from his followers, who were happy that the musician was safe.

Here are a few comments that TimesLIVE has captured.

"Thank God you are all OK. Let's be grateful for every day that God still gives us. We need His Mercy". A social media user wrote.

"We thank God and your ancestors that you are still here, Vusi." A social media user.

"Siyambulela uThixo". - these were Vusi Nova's words, grateful to be alive after he was involved in a car crash. He said, "this accident got me thinking life is too short
Indeed, life is too short; you'll never know when it is your day.