The tearful face of AKA's only daughter, Kairo, has been on the screen of many South African television channels, invoking sympathy and emotions in the hearts of many people. The young Kairo wept bitterly during her father's memorial service, AKA. However, what made people hail her was that despite her being in a distraught situation, she made time to console her father's girlfriend, Nadia Nakai? Many social media users insist that the death of AKA has been the most traumatizing in South Africa, along with the death of Nelson Mandela. A famous social media influencer wrote on his Twitter handle, “I'm so sorry, baby Kairo. My bleeds for you… I really feel sorry for Kairo … She's still young mmh it hurts and painful … God gives her a strength, only God knows”.

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Many people are praying earnestly for her that God will give her the fortitude to bear the loss and that God consoles her. A poet dropped this message on social media, “Dear #AKAs, sorry that you didn't see the bullet, you heard the sound, then you found yourself in another life quicker than you should have been, praying for those affected. To your family, friends Nadia and Kairo, our hearts are with guys”. During the memorial service, many people broke down in tears, as people kept wondering why AKA was killed despite being a good and friendly personality that is well-loved and respected by many people. A social media user captured an emotional moment, “DJ Zinhle looks at Kairo crying, and she breaks down as well. A mother literally carries her child’s pain in her soul. Sorry, Kairo… why do they have to build pain in this child's heart? Kairo, you don't deserve this; we are sorry as a community”.