Within the framework that makes up the entire digital gaming mosaic, the online casino has achieved a prominent position, according to the data that have been published over the last few years. After a natural period of decline, due to technical and socio-economic aspects, the online casino circuit in Europe as well as in Italy has been able to build a robust niche, derived from a capillary work of programming and differentiation of the products it presented. to the public. Today when we talk about online gaming we think univocally about the digital casino like casino uk and its most successful main attractions.

The game of blackjack today

Over the last few years, among games of skill such as online poker and baccarat, there has been an attraction that has been able to conquer a position of supremacy, obtaining good feedback from enthusiasts, curious and experts who landed on the platforms aimed at the game. of online casinos. This is blackjack, a game in many respects has often been mistakenly compared to poker, while although it contains some similarities, the same deck of French cards and some rudimentary rules, it is a game with its own dignity, approach and method of development. For this reason it is good to explain how to master blackjack and increase our chances of winning exponentially, it is good to study an effective strategy to beat the dealer, who would then be the casino we are challenging. The online version game responds to the same rules as the traditional one, where however it is very difficult to count the cards, since the decks are virtual and created by a software simulation. However, the blackjack method is aimed at that type of user and player who prefers the game strategy that uses certain criteria on the stake and the margin that each hand has.

Strategies and techniques for the game of blackjack

In addition to the aforementioned card counting system, to have a better chance against the dealer, we must be able to identify aces. The game of blackjack in fact is based on the association of cards that must get the maximum point of 21. Whoever goes beyond this score gets busted and automatically loses the hand. The croupier starts from a substantial advantage of sorts, as he has the gaming room behind him and therefore at least unlimited credit on the card. In addition to this formal and purely bureaucratic aspect, within the gameplay there is the golden rule according to which the customer always playing hand-to-hand, has a very high margin of error. Think for example of the fact that if the player busts, the dealer doesn't even need to check his score, having automatically won the hand. The secondary bets and the orientation of the cards is another way to decrease the house edge over the player. From this point of view, the game of blackjack is not so different from poker, as we also find in this case some rules and strategies that can be applied to increase our potential.

Shuffle monitoring to reduce the house edge in blackjack

Shuffle tracking is a method of play based on the concept of following the highest cards in the deck, namely 10, Jack, King, Queen and Ace. It is a system that is not very widespread and not easy to implement but there will be a margin of victory equal to 3-4%, bearing in mind that the house edge is usually calculated around 15%, a point sufficient to win over the challenger . The attractions of casinos, however, are only one of the many games most widespread and known today as regards the gambling sector and the related gaming sector. In fact, there are some important concepts that regulate the online gaming segment today, a sector that in recent years has increased its turnover exponentially.