Illegal scrap yard allegedly run by Nigerian nationals

Many South Africans have been saying that the high level of crime in the country is not committed mainly by the indigenous people of the land but by illegal foreigners who immigrated from other African countries. This fact has been proven to be right because most of the negative things we hear in the community are done by illegal foreigners, especially those from Zimbabwe, Nigeria and Mozambique. They always tend to involve themselves in illicit activities, thinking they will get rich quick.

An illegal scrap yard allegedly run by Nigerian nationals was burst by SAPS members, and they found many hijacked vehicles that had already been stripped off. Parts of suspected hijacked cars were also discovered in the scrap yard.

The SAPS members dealt with them instantly and later arrested them. They should keep on bursting the hideouts of the criminals in this country because we are facing what we have never seen for over ten years. They should be deported back to their country, or if any of them is found guilty, he or they should rot in jail.