The Saturday Lotto:
The lottery market has seen a fair amount of growth in Australia in the last five years. The development has pushed Australia’s lottery industry to a net worth of about 6.9 billion dollars by 2019-2020. Advanced online systems, better connectivity through technological platforms have made many lottery games, like Saturday lotto, a favourite and exciting pastime.

The Saturday Lotto: An Overview

Saturday Lotto is played and drawn every Saturday night in Australia, it is a Tatts Group product and is currently endorsed under the Lott brand. It was first drawn in the year of 1972.

It is a weekly lottery game. It takes place in New South Wales and Western and South Australia. It is also played as gold lotto in Queensland and TattsLotto in Tasmania, Victoria and the Northern territory.

It can have prize money reaching 5 million dollars and about 20 million dollars or more for advanced tickets.

How It’s Played

The most common and easy way to play the game is to take the standard ticket. Each line on the ticket has six numbers that represent a single game. A single game gives the player one chance to win the prize. The numbers are between 1 and 45, and the minimum option the player can go for is four-game lines.

Every Saturday, the numbers are drawn randomly by taking eight balls from a barrel having 45 balls. The first six balls are as the winning numbers with the last two as supplementary.

Players get a prize according to the type of division the player has achieved, through the numbers drawn randomly.
  • Division 1: All six numbers drawn randomly must match the winning numbers on the ticket in a single game.
  • Division 2: Five main winning numbers on the ticket and a supplementary number must match the numbers drawn on the balls.
  • Division 3: Any five main winning numbers must match the drawn numbers.
  • Division 4: Any four winning numbers must match the numbers drawn.
  • Division 5: Any three winning numbers and one supplementary number on the ticket must match the numbers drawn.
  • Division 6: Any three winning numbers must match the random numbers drawn on the balls.
The probability of success increases with each division, with a reduced amount of prize money. The winning numbers and the supplementary numbers on the ticket determine the type of division achieved by the player.

Advantages Of Playing Saturday Lotto Online

  • Security: Financial transactions happen through secure online payment servers, and hence there is no risk of money getting lost through malpractice. There will always be online records of monetary transactions, and so, the money will not get lost or stolen.
  • All Details Available: Every detail of the game from the date, time of the draw, odds and probabilities to the type of ticket to purchase and the selected numbers are available in the site itself. There is always contact information available for the players in case of any discrepancies.
  • Convenient: Players can do everything from purchase to monitoring the game in the comfort of one’s own home. So it’s suitable for the players as they can watch the game from anywhere in the country as long as they have internet connectivity.
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