Winning the lottery is considered to be one of the biggest "luck" in life. Let's check out the interesting things about lottery winners. The information is based on research by Camelot Corporation and the UK National Lottery Commission.

68% of winners continue to buy lottery tickets

Having won the lottery once increases the desire to play more. Because the winners simply think they are lucky and will have the opportunity to win more times. In fact, more than two thirds of the lottery winners continued to play the lottery.

Lottery is a type of gambling and winning or losing gambling are all for the sake of a specific purpose. You can call this purpose harmless pleasure or addictive temptation. But to be honest, there are a lot of people who enjoyed the taste of victory and desire for more, especially after experiencing Bandar Togel Terpercaya once.  There is a similarity between lottery and games of chance at, that all players have the same thought: “If I continue to gamble, my luck will change and I will regain my lost money”. That can limit the way you live a balanced life.

32% of the lottery winners gain weight

In fact, a lot of people who win the lottery gain weight because of laziness, refusing to walk to the gym, taking the bus, getting too much nutritious food in a short time, or eating. People will not pay attention to their health when they are too focused on investment items.

Lottery winners

Lottery winners often gain weight quickly/Ph.Pinterest

However, 12% of them spend money to go to the gym. That means gaining weight is the biggest reason why they go to the gym. The majority of these 12% expect money to be able to solve their own problems - which is why they are lazy and gain weight.

3% move their children from public to private schools

Money cannot buy intelligence, but it can help to produce more money. And some people after winning the lottery have moved their children to private schools to ensure them a brighter, richer future, despite the potential risks affecting the psychological development of children.

Moving from public to private schools is like joining a yacht club. Everyone will openly want to know who the father of the newcomer is and what his job is, as well as why the kid joined the "rich kids" club like that? This will have a huge impact on the mentality of the child, especially for children who are in the rebellion phase. Fortunately, only 3% of the lottery winners made their children do this.

Most of the winners have traveled or changed places

In fact, many lottery winners have never been to the national border, or even travel. So 19% of them went overseas for the first time after winning the lottery. Moreover, 7% of the lottery winners also invested in an RV car with full amenities for travel purposes.
changed places

Lottery winners often travel abroad/Ph.Pinterest

Not simply spending more money and time for traveling, many people are even more aggressive. The study found that 38% of the lottery winners relocated, of which, 75% moved from apartments to private houses and 24% bought real estate abroad.

However, 12% of the lottery winners have never been to a foreign country and have no intention of going abroad, perhaps they have spent the money from that lottery prize to invest or do other things.

83% of lottery winners spend money for family

When having a lot of money from the lottery, apart from extravagant spending, most people will save money for their families.

Statistics show that 75% of lottery winners often spend money for their families. Of these, 57% is for parents, 66% for siblings and 51% for children. Obviously if you win the lottery, the first people who deserve to share this money are your relatives.

48% of lottery winners continue their daily work

Half of the lottery winners still do their daily work. This proves that either they are still satisfied with their daily work, or because they are too smart to foresee the future without leaving.

44% of lottery winners quickly waste the prize money

Everyone has different ideas and ways of life, so in addition to winning the lottery prize, they still work, continue to live a normal life. Because they understand that wealth and wealth are the product of hard work, mischief and self-control.

They often squander money on luxury pleasures/Ph.Pinterest

So many people think that when they win the lottery, people will cherish and keep that money carefully, there are people who spend money like water and waste money in the wrong place.

44% of the winners burn away the prize money within 5 years on luxury pleasures, if it is a man, it is usually gambling and consumption. Suddenly having a large amount of money easily makes it hard to hold back by far-fetched pleasures and "clean" them for a short time.

And of course, the result of this series of actions cannot go well.

Only 1% of lottery prize winners go to plastic surgery

It is often claimed that wealth and the emphasis on appearance often go hand in hand. However, only 1% of the lottery winners choose cosmetic surgery to have a new look, after having addressed the top priorities.

For example, Callie Rogers - the youngest winner in England. After winning the $2.9 million award at the age of 16, she decided to spend $847,000 on 4 villas, $385,000 for partying and playing drugs, $135,000 for shopping and $18,000 for "repairing" the first round of cyst enlargement.

About 50% of lottery winners feel happier

This is very realistic, because when you have money you can solve a lot of headache problems, not really everything.

But when you suddenly receive a large sum of money from the lottery, that's happiness.

Many millions of dollars do not necessarily bring happiness over other things. According to a study by Camelot Group, 55% of lottery winners claimed to be happier. On the other hand, 43% of the winners claimed that the prize money had no effect on their happiness level. And the remaining 2% admitted that winning the lottery made them unhappy.

90% of lottery winners lose friends

In addition to having a large sum of money and things that are supposed to be fun to win in a lottery, you may also have some risks in each relationship.

You just won the lottery and everyone hates you. Why? Simply because of jealousy. However, people who are jealous also have their logic. Research also shows that men often give a sum of money to three friends, while women only give one. 90% of the winners will have only one close friend after winning the lottery.

Actually, when you have a large amount of money from the lottery, surely it will have a great impact on your life, both physically and mentally. Have you ever dreamed about one day you will win a lottery prize? And when you win the lottery, what will you do?