On December 22, 1600 lucky people won a lottery ticket worth £300 000 from the town of Roquetas de Mar, Spain. The place is now known as the "luckiest town in the world". Residents of the Spanish coastal town have celebrated when 1600 people here won the lottery with a total value of up to £480 million. In particular, all lottery winners buy at the same store.

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The luckiest town in the world

The lucky winning number is 79140, appearing on 1600 lottery tickets in the traditional El Gordo lottery with each valued at 300 000 pounds (equivalent to about 10 billion). All winners are from the southern coastal city of Roquetas de Mar. Nearly half of the lottery winners come from a village high school in Laujar de Andarax village, where they are sold to raise money for student field trips.

"Almost everyone has a lottery ticket or owns a part", Mayor Almudenna Morales of Laujar de Andarax village told Europa Press. "The lottery tickets are sold by students to the workers who will need it very much".

Unlike every year, winning lottery tickets are scattered among dealers across the country, this year all lucky tickets are sold at a stall in the city of Roquetas de Mar. The organizer explained that this anomalies could occur because lottery ticket buyers often hold tickets chosen by sellers.

Mayor Roquetas de Mar added: “This is very important for the city, especially during these difficult times”.

Traditional lottery prizes

The lottery became a special event in recent years in Spain, during a time when the country struggled with the European debt crisis. The El Gordo Lottery Prize, held on December 22 every year, attracts millions of people to watch for hours waiting to see if they are among the lucky ones. The largest El Gordo Prize appeared in 2011 when the winner received a £3 million prize money. An El Gordo lottery ticket costs £15. Spaniards have traditionally purchased multiple lottery tickets at once to give to friends, family and colleagues over Christmas.
The El Gordo Lottery Prize, held on December 22 every year, attracts millions of people to watch for hours waiting to see if they are among the lucky ones. Source: barcelonayellow.com 

El Gordo dates back to 1812. It is held annually today even during the Spanish Civil War from 1936 to 1939. Unlike most other lottery prizes, you cannot choose a number. you want. Instead, you will have to buy a five-digit printed ticket. During the draw, 100 000 different numbers ran from 00 000 to 99 999. The numbers written on the balls are in a drum. As usual, each lucky number is drawn by 40 students from 8 to 14 years old from Colegio de San Ildefonso, Segovia. The students draw random ball to record the number from the two drums. A drum containing a ball records the serial number on the winning lottery. One empty ball holds the prize value. Each pair of students will take the ball and announce who wins and the amount received.

Some largest lottery prizes in the world

Most of these lottery prizes usually have a cumulative form of prizes, so the value of the Jackpot is often very large after a few draws without a winner.

Powerball, the leading lottery in America

Powerball is a very famous lottery prize in the US with many of the largest jackpots in the world. Many times the Jackpot of this lottery prize is accumulated up to 500 - 600 million USD.

In fact, there are also some who are fortunate to achieve the millionaire dream when they accidentally win a huge prize. On January 13, 2016, the Jackpot of Powerball lottery reached a world record with a value of 1.6 billion USD belonging to 3 co-winners.

Most recently, Powerball shocked the lottery enthusiasts around the world when Mavis Wanczyk, living in Massachusetts, suddenly won a prize of $758.7 million.

However, the winner of the "huge" lottery has to pay taxes up to about 40%, of which the federal tax is about 25% and the rest varies depending on each state in the US.

Moreover, the odds of winning the Jackpot of Powerball lottery are very low, only about 1/ 292 000 000.

Mega Millions: The second biggest lottery in the US

This is the oldest lottery in the US. Despite having a lower Jackpot than Powerball, the probability of winning Mega Millions is slightly higher and usually fluctuates around $300 million.

Normally, Mega Millions has a starting value of $15 million and raises at least $5 million after each lottery session.

Currently, the highest jackpot of Mega Millions ever awarded was in March 2012 with a value of up to 656 million USD.

EuroMillions: The most popular lottery in Europe

This is a lottery prize issued in many European countries. The jackpot of EuroMillions currently has a maximum of $100 million.

However, when maxed out, if there is no special winner, the prize will be divided equally among the first prize winners instead of accumulating like normal.

In fact, the biggest prize ever awarded of EuroMillions lottery was 168 million pounds in October 2017.

This is a lottery prize issued in many European countries. Source: mirror.co.uk

SuperEnalotto: The lottery of the most difficult type in the world

This is the largest lottery in Italy, and it is also the type of lottery with the hardest hit rate in the world. Therefore, the Jackpot of SuperEnalotto is usually accumulated at a very high level. Similar to EuroMillions, Super Enalotto's Jackpot is worth nearly 100 million USD.

It's really hard to win the special prize of the SuperEnalotto lottery. However, on November 30, 2010, a group of 70 players won a Jackpot prize worth US $248 million. This is the record for this lottery.