In the Australian state of Queensland, Brisbane is the capital and it is the third most-populous city in the country. Vaping is popular in Brisbane, and people have different preferences and tastes. When it comes to vape juices, many people argue about what the most popular vape juices are. It can be hard to figure out which liquid you should first try, with so many different e-juice flavours available today. Finding a vape shop in Brisbane won’t be a hassle since there are quite a few. So here is a list of the best-selling vape juices for you to try.
Best-Selling Vape

Vape Juices in Candy Flavour

If you have been searching for something sour to balance the sweetness, the watermelon slice is one of the best you can buy from any vape shop in Brisbane. This candy-inspired juice combines fresh watermelon flavours. An explosion of mouth-watering taste is the result, and it’s unlike anything you would have ever tasted.

If you are like everyone else, you likely have a thing for those little "rainbow" mixed fruit candies that explode with a delicious taste. With the distinctive fruity mix aftertaste, each puff gives you a vivid berry flavour. Then, a heavy dose of sweetness is offered upon exhaling slowly.

Fruit-Flavoured Vape Juices

Rhino's Blood does not sound so enticing, but underneath it hides a tasty, fruity medley. So, vapers should expect the tart, tangy flavour of blueberry, grape, and cherry. In the aftertaste, the combination of all three fruits achieves peak perfection. Vapers will find the juicy blueberry overflowing at the first draw. The grape flavour will soon take over the berry, and it is finished off with a blast of cherry sweetness.

Hawaiian Pog is known for its well-executed mix of pineapple, orange, and guava. You can buy it at any vape shop in Brisbane. The juice is slightly sour, but this combines with the fruit's sweetness, striking a balance for which so many vapers keep returning. There are other vape juices and flavours that people prefer, but these two are the most well known.

Vape Juices Flavoured With Tobacco

The Naked 100's American Settlers, indeed the finest choice of an American tobacco mix, has a creamy, freshly-cut tobacco taste with a slightly nutty undertone. American Patriots are balanced in sweetness, unlike many other tobacco flavours, making it a perfect all-day vapour. They can be enough with a delta 8 thc cart or a similar amount.

Black Note Solo is a tobacco menthol blend that combines the natural extract of sun-cured Oriental tobacco with the cool extract of menthol extracted from genuine peppermint leaves. Black Note Solo is a must-buy for lovers of e-liquids with mentholated tobacco and others who want a mix that is as similar to the real thing as possible.


There is a wide variety of flavoured vape juices that you can choose from. While any e-juice works to make vapour and provide nicotine to the user, what really matters is the flavour and taste of the vape juice.

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