Temporary Number for Verification

A temporary SMS phone number sometimes called a throwaway number, is a virtual number whose function is to provide temporary access for verification or confirmation purposes. This is significant because it helps protect your personal information, which is the main target of online scammers and fraudsters.

Is it possible for scammers to know my personal information through my cellphone number only?

Unfortunately, yes. With the advancement of our communication technology coupled with AI, just like the disposable mobile number, there’s no wonder that this type of unethical individuals lurking on the Internet can invade your privacy through your personal number alone.

Many cases have already been recorded reporting countless victims of online scams. However, most victims were unaware of how these unscrupulous people got their personal information. Let’s find out how they get into it.

Sharing your cell phone number is dangerous.

For security reasons, giving your cell phone number is good. However, you need to consider the privacy issues that our industry has not figured out yet. Providing your number might end up in somewhere else’s database is enough to be more cautious about giving out your number. Learn more: Internet Safety Tips to Protect Yourself Online
One of the very reasons is that you will become a target for telemarketers. If you are not yet aware, most of them use “robots” to promote their products. Unfortunately, this system brings stress, spam calls, and messages to their target individuals. You might find it very annoying if you are one of the unlucky individuals.

Another technique that hackers are using is redirecting your number to their mobile device. They execute this by calling your mobile carrier provider and saying it is “you” calling them. They use this tactic to reroute your number to their mobile phone. After that, they can log into your email account. There is no need for your password since all they’ve got to do is click the “Forgot Password” so a reset link will be sent to their cellphones that are now actively utilizing your phone number. Once thriving, it would be easy for them to figure out the next move.

SMS temporary phone number, your best solution

An SMS temporary number is your smart choice to avoid unnecessary attention from the online world. Since all you need is a number for verification purposes, why not provide something that will both confirm your registration and, at the same time, provide the extra layer of privacy protection? Once done with the verification process, you can terminate the temporary phone number SMS service and avoid spam messages and calls. Related story: Why you will be banned from WhatsApp

How to get a temporary phone number?

Countless service providers are offering temporary SMS and disposable numbers on the Internet. Some offer their service for free. However, this free SMS temporary number provides minimal features that might hinder your maximum usage and benefits of using one.

Suppose you are considering acquiring a disposable mobile number to satisfy your needs or requirements. In that case, purchasing from a credible and reliable cloud-based telephony service provider like Hottelecom.

Why choose Hottelecom?

Thousands of entrepreneurs, business owners, and ordinary individuals choose to acquire the service of Hottelecom over others. There are various reasons why they choose to do so. One of them is the ability of Hottelecom’s temporary SMS and disposable numbers to be partnered with almost all social media networks available on the Internet. You might want to consider other significant reasons why:
  • Total protection of your privacy – Hottelecom has been in the industry for many years now and has gained all the experience that a service provider should have. One is to protect its users' privacy against the identity theft of online scams. With Hottelecom’s temporary number for verification, you can be sure that your personal information is 100% safe and secure.
  • Excellent customer service – unlike other service providers, Hottelecom has dedicated customer support to promptly answer your questions and queries. For Hottelecom, it is not just a matter of business; the relationship is more important than anything else. That is why our dedicated customer service personnel are willing to answer all your related concerns and even walk you through the different processes.
  • More than 100 ways of payment – this is to provide you with the ultimate comfort of purchasing our disposable mobile number or any type of virtual number. With our more than 100 methods of payment, you can assure that making a transaction with us is not only safe but also gives you total control. And in case you want to remain anonymous, we provide a way of payment through cryptocurrency.
  • Connection with more than 100 countries is one of the significant advantages of partnering with Hottelecom. If you have a business, whether a startup, small or medium-scale, you may desire to reach more prospects and customers nationally and internationally. Hottelecom offers connectivity for more than 100 countries across the globe, providing you with the opportunity to enhance your business image and maximize your usage of our cloud-based service.
  • Choose with our variety of services – Hottelecom is not limited to virtual numbers only. We also provide VoIP and PBX services. This only means that if you need to scale up your communication system, you do not need to look for another provider. Hottelecom is your ultimate one-stop-shop cloud-based service provider.

How to purchase a temporary number for verification?

Acquiring an SMS temporary number is as easy as 1-2-3. All you have to do is follow the steps below:
  1. Go to Hottelecom website https://hottelecom.biz/disposable-sms-phone-numbers.html. Sign up and choose the correct section in your profile.
  2. Indicate the country that you want to deal with.
  3. Pick your choice from the list.
  4. Wait for the confirmation code.
  5. Activate the service.
  6. With Hottelecom, all your communication is backed up by the extensive experience of our Tech Specialists, who are willing to help you succeed at every step.