Niche blogging 

This isn't what most people think and does not involve blogging about your day or what you had for lunch. Niche blogging means becoming an expert in a specific Niche, hence the niche blogging aspect of this and providing precious information. An example of what this looks like – you will earn affiliate income passively through a niche blog. Essentially, it comes down to the fact that you'll have to review different platforms, drive conversions and earn a commission.

Just as an illustration, we'll look at a blog called They're doing reviews of different Stone frying pans, an entire website. They have cookware Brands and cookware reviews. So let's say, you know, frying pan reviews, for example, you can get different studies from them. For instance, the cast-iron skillets. What's the best-cast iron skillet? Again, this blog is nothing fancy, as you can imagine, but I'm sure they're making a decent amount of money just from articles like I've just described. The items reviewed in their articles all have affiliate links you can get by participating in the Amazon Associates program, as previously mentioned.

Creating comparison content. 

Creating comparison content between two different Services products. The reason why creating comparison content is so compelling is that a lot of these articles are long-tail keywords.

The good thing about this blogging is that customers already know about these two companies. They're just looking for the last-minute details to choose one over the other. So the level of intent behind this traffic is very high.

Creating and selling access to a membership site with Shopify extension: If you need to become more familiar with a membership site, this makes content that sits behind a paywall that people must pay a monthly subscription to access. We're all familiar with a couple of viral membership sites: Amazon Prime, Flicks, Hulu, and even Spotify. All of these are technically paid subscription membership sites. And what you're doing for this passive income method is precisely what Netflix, Hulu, and all these companies are doing. Still, on a much smaller scale, you're taking something you know and creating a membership site. It could be healthy recipes. It could be's diet plans. It could be weekly makeup tutorials, and you're taking this and putting it behind a paywall and earning money on a recurring monthly basis.

My business partner did this a while back; he had called stock radar, where people were getting weekly stock analysis in that group. So every week, he would sit down and provide people with an in-depth analysis of a particular company and scale that membership site to the point where he could make about $7,000 monthly. To take something from zero dollars per month to seven thousand dollars per month in a relatively short ist a success.

In a nutshell, the business model looks something like this: Let's say, for example, you have 500 people to whom you are selling access to a particular membership site for, let's say, nine dollars per month. Well, now you've created a recurring passive income of $4,500 monthly. You will have to make the content for this group. But if you do it the right way, you don't actually have to even be the one making that content in the first place. Now, you see different examples of subscription models everywhere: Some apps with subscriptions, diet plans, etc. So you can definitely be creative. But what I like about this particular method of earning passive income is that it's very predictable because of that recurring revenue model.

If you want to learn more about selling access to a membership site,,, the go-to place for this is a platform called Teachable. That is where my business partner did his membership site, and they basically do all of that back-end work for you. They give people access to the course, run customer service, and collect money on your behalf. Essentially, they do everything. All you have to do is set a price and put content there. They have a weekly webinar called: "The seven steps to a successful online course," but this also applies to membership sites. I would highly recommend sitting in on that, and one of my favorite parts about teachable is that they have a free plan that allows you to make money.