Digital Marketing
Digital Marketing
Did you know that internet marketing is one of the many disciplines that do not require any kind of certification, entry point with the right experience or educational background? Some of you might even think that internet marketing ought to look comfortable.

When you have a great product, you have the power to make a fortune out of it with the help of social media medium and blogs, because that is where everyone is hanging nowadays.

However, this is not the case, digital marketing is just an umbrella term for almost all of the online promotion efforts. These businesses control digital channels such as social media, search engines, websites, emails, and also online marketing, for them to carry out their marketing goals of promoting and creating awareness of their product or services among the users.

The internet marketing strategies are bound to fulfil the marketing goals. But usually the new digital marketers tend to confuse the business promoting tactics with the plan and this ought to be the biggest reason that most of the strategy fails.

Did You Know What The Social Media Marketing Constitutes Of?

Below are the 6 layers that define social marketing strategies.
  • Objects/Goals: Increased traffic/Increased Sales/More Reach.
  • Devices: Smart Devices. E.g. Android-powered devices, Apple Powered Devices etc.
  • Purpose: To Create Brand Awareness/Increase in Sales.
  • Customer Profiling: The customer’s demographics.
  • Location: City/Country/Continent.

When the time frame is too considered for a positive return on investment. Most of the times the sole reason behind the failure of such internet marketing strategies is just because they fail to foresee and set the timeline for the return on investment. To be honest, social media marketing is just like sowing a seed in the ground, you have to invest a lot of time before you can reap the benefits.

So, before we start to point down the main reasons for the failure of such social media marketing strategies, as I have mentioned earlier, new marketers ought to confuse the marketing strategies with marketing tactics. Well, what’s the difference you may ask?

  • Marketing Strategies: It is like a long road, marketer usually takes this road to achieve their goals.
  • Marketing Tactic: The tactics are the steps that are taken to carry out the strategies. 

To make it even simpler for you “Strategies are the route that businesses to achieve their goals, whereas the tactics are the shoes that they wear”.

Why Do These Marketing Strategies Fail?

No Goals Or More Than One Goal

Social media marketer needs to plan the strategy keeping a single goal in mind which ought to be fulfilled. The truth is that a unique approach for marketing is not enough to increase sales and the reach at the same time.

That is why it is recommended to the new internet marketers that should keep a single goal in mind and they should be focusing upon the tactics that ought to compel the users.

Marketing strategies are bound to fail once the marketer tries to fulfil every need of the business at once. Remember, take baby steps, and do not over complicate things.

No Pull Communication With Excessive Push Effort

Most of the desperate marketer tend to forget the importance of pull communication. You may be wondering as to what is a push and pull effort? Well, pull effort communication is planned in such a way that consumers with their own consent fulfil the marketing needs and goals of the marketers.

Whereas, in the push communication effort, the marketer insists the user/consumer fulfil their goals.

It is not always bad to be using push and pull communication efforts. But yes, try to keep a balance of both.

Lack Of Research

It is a known fact that both offline and online marketing strategies are focused on consumers. The organisation should have to be well aware of its target audience, the consumer's needs, wants, and luxuries.
Figure -
Figure -
In short, the strategies ought to give consumers what they need. Just like the SEO and content marketing needs to focus more on the keywords and the content. Whereas, for social media marketing and email marketing, the strategies should emphasise more on user trends and their engagements.

Less Focus On The Customer

Newbies marketer usually tend to focus more on their products and less on the needs and wants of their customer's psyche.

Not Following The Current Trend

Do you know what rules the digital world? Yes, you got that right, "The Trend". If you are familiar with using current trends for your own business gains, trust me, you'd be the king of the digital world.
Figure -

Most of the internet marketers fail to realize the importance of ongoing trends while they plan their digital marketing strategies. This is also one of the reasons that most newbie marketing strategies fail.


The environment of digital business is more unique than the typical business environment. Inflexible techniques with settled strategies don't ordinarily work in the digital condition.

When objectives are set, procedures and strategies are should have been adjusted now and again dependent on the client patterns, web index patterns, and other computerized components.

Sales And Marketing Terms Not Being Aligned

What is the condition of communication between the departments of your marketing and sales? Well, if they do not communicate legitimately, at that point they presumably come up short on comprehension of one another's responsibilities and activities.

Is there a gap between sales and marketing that might be because you are not centred around a similar shared objective inside your business. This is the place "S-marketing" comes into the image. The procedure of "S-marketing" adjusts deals and showcasing groups around shared objectives with an emphasis on enhancing income.

By finishing our suggestions, you will before long observe a turnaround in your advanced showcasing efforts. These measures and proposals help to set you up for computerized advertising achievement instead of disappointment with top to bottom research, explicit objectives and measurements, and custom fitted substance that addresses your intended interest group.

Author: Justin Mark has been professionally writing for digital marketing for years. The mutual interest in digital marketing and writing took me here, where I opt for writing as a profession. My articles are not bound by any form but confide the latest trends and digital marketing and the ways SEO is tackling it. To stay connected with what’s latest, my posts are a great help.