When you are asking for donations, no one can tell you the right way to do it, as there is no such way. But there are definitely some wrong ways of doing it. Though almost no one can help you with the right ways, they can help you to point out the wrongs. 

Crowdfunding Campaign

And in order to make a successful nonprofit crowdfunding campaign, it is really important to point out the mistakes you are making. Only then will you be able to rectify your mistakes and keep running campaigns like us, Give2Children.

Avoid Making These 5 Mistakes On Your Next Non-Profit Crowdfunding Campaign

As I have mentioned above, in order to get success with your non-profit crowdfunding campaign, you need to be aware of the mistakes that you need to avoid. Here I will guide you with t of those kinds of mistakes. So, let’s have a look at them. 

Not Promoting Your Campaign Before It Is Launched

There is a myth about crowdfunding that the money will come, and you just need to slap up a campaign. But the reality is you need to build a network. Crowdfunding is always about a tool to work your network. 

So, you need to invest some time cultivating your network in order to ensure that they are ready to be responsive. Some of you may already have a network, while others do not. So, invest time in building a network. 

Have Not Shared Enough

When it comes to being engaged with people, social media plays a vital role here, and the key is consistency. For having the best possible campaign, you need to establish a consistent communications plan. It takes 5-7 times for a donor to be hit with your message.

Along with sending a mix of mass and personal emails, you also need to post about your campaign only daily. You need to reach the point when you start feeling embarrassed for posting so many times and emailing so much. Till then, no excuses, please!

Thinking That You Can Skip The Soft Launch

For getting your campaign out there, a soft launch works as a major component. This is the specific time when you will send your campaign to those key supporters before you are launching it to your entire community. This strategy is to get your scale rising 20% to 30%.

There is simply no momentum to build upon without soft launching. So, you have to make sure that you are identifying a time period of 24 to 48 hours before soft launching. Here you will promote your campaign to a fewer number of people with a deadline. 

Only Making General Please, Not Personal, Targeted Asks

Many people think that for a non-profit crowdfunding campaign, all you need to do is post about it on social media and send mass, personal emails. But in actuality, it will only work when you have a loyal social community. But most people do not have that.

So, work with a targeted list of 5 to 10 people that you can directly ask to give. Along with this, prepare a list of 30 to 60 people who are really passionate about your cause, and you can rely on them despite their wealth. 

Not Choosing The Right Platform

You may be aware of a countable number of crowdfunding platforms. But there are tons of platforms to assist you with your campaign. All these platforms and websites can be really enormous assets for your organization. 

And in order to choose the right platform, you need to research a bit. Do not go with the flow. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to research and choose the right platform to continue your non-profit crowdfunding campaign. 

Final Tips

So, these are the mistakes that you need to avoid making when you are working on your non-profit crowdfunding campaign. Do not ignore the traditional method as well for promoting your campaign, cause they are tried-and-tested and also effective.