Blog content
Blog content is the essential defining element regarding a blog’s viability. Lack of new content means death. The lack of good content is another killer. Lack of helpful or well-written SEO content has become a severe problem as the big search engines tighten their quality standards.

Let’s establish the fundamental quality control principles:

The content issues are very much front and center in everything to do with a blog, from page ranking to searchability.
  • “Searchability” doesn’t mean gimmicks – It implies content.
  • SEO is based on natural science, not circus tricks.
  • Quality and content are inseparable.
  • Quality control for content- basics
People need to pay more attention to the internet's depth and its core service demands. Working online, garbage content needs to be in high order. The need is access to information at multiple levels of difficulty.
  • Consider these external quality demands:
  • Business blogs want information, preferably verifiable information with helpful links.
  • Media want to source information.
  • Consumers want efficient searches.
  • Nobody needs non-information and things they’re not looking for.
  • Everybody wants new information to be available all the time.
  • Low-grade blogs need to be somewhere by the above.

The days of the old “rant” blogs were fashionable for a year or so, then steamrollered by higher quality blogs with more and better content. That’s been the working methodology for blogs generally. From a de-specialized, almost random collection of anything and everything to a steadily developing specialist series of niche outlets has been the pattern ever since.

Quality, the baseline demand

The broad spectrum demand has come to a specific, unambiguous demand for content quality. The old “text speak” is long gone. Typos and unprofessional text are now considered pitiful, not folksy, as they were in the early days of blogging. This has been a blessing for the best blogs, where the sound quality material is finally improving their rankings.

Blogs are also outsourcing on this basis. They need quality material. Demand for content inevitably outstrips supply from a single blogger. Some bloggers also have multiple specialist sites, requiring professional-level content regularly.

The blog reality- Demand drives supply, which drives demand for quality

A pretty absurd rumor is flying around the net: "Google’s new algorithms have killed the demand for new materials.” Nothing could be further from the truth, which is the exact opposite. The demand for content is increasing on an almost hourly basis. That’s not because people suddenly want to read more. It’s because information is never static. The demand for new information increases directly with the amount of fundamental news and data generated.

This is a quality issue because Google’s new algorithms explicitly target quality problems. The fact was that the old algorithms and search techniques were vulnerable to abuse. Content-based on nothing but tags distorts search engine optimization values and produces ridiculous results. The new algorithms are effectively based on site content and are much better able to read and rank content.

The result has been enforcing the demand for quality content, driving the evolution of the internet. Quality content is here to stay.