Many people want to add passive income to their regular salaries. These earnings are called passive because you don’t actively work to make this money, but it comes as additional assets.

That being said, it doesn’t mean that passive money can come out of the blue. It takes some preparations and initial investments to start generating passive income.

The greatest benefit of passive income is that you can save it for different purposes, from savings for kids’ education to pay for travel or other services.

We’ve analyzed various niches in terms of passive income. Below is a list of several niches that promise higher passive income than some other industries.

1. Online sales

Start with a test: take a look around your home and select the things you haven’t used for weeks, months, or even years. You probably don’t need these items, so try to sell them online. Open a profile on Craigslist or any other local equivalent website on which you can offer your belongings.

After you sell the first set of belongings, go for the second round. Ask your parents or relatives to give you things they don’t need anymore. See how the second round goes.

If you see that money keeps pouring in and you’re getting rid of your old stuff, it’s time for the next round: start buying new things and selling them at higher prices.

As you gain more experience, you’ll learn how to post ads for all the new items once in several weeks and wait for customers to buy from you.

This is passive income because you’re not engaged in producing these things. You just need to take photos of products, post ads and send items once they’re sold. If you start making enough money, you can pay someone to do all this for you.

2. Real estate rentals

If you have a spare property, or some extra cash on your bank accounts and want to invest it without taking high risks, consider real estate rentals.

The spare property above will probably need to undergo some sort of renovation, so there’s an initial investment. However, once it’s done, you only need to find reliable tenants and voila, you’ve ensured passive income for the future period.

If you want to make a low-risk investment, buying a property for rent is a reasonable choice, as well. On the one hand, you’ll secure these assets from a financial crisis by investing them into something tangible.

On the other hand, the invested money will return to you via paid rents. So, you’ll retain the value of the invested cash while ensuring regular passive income.

3. Renting out equipment

Renting out different devices and tools is a smart way of ensuring passive income.

However, people often don’t know where to start, what to rent, and how to ensure longevity in this niche.

Start from the lowest common denominator, i.e., ask yourself what most people would rent.

For instance, lighting equipment is something that people use at birthday parties, weddings, and business events. So, do your homework and shop around to see how much this equipment costs and whether it would pay off to buy it and start renting it.

Moreover, think about getting a PA system and renting it out for different events. Of course, you’ll either need to learn how to adjust the sound features or hire a sound engineer who will do it for you. Depending on the amount of money you can invest at the beginning, renting out audio equipment can turn into a serious business.

Finally, people rent out all sorts of equipment, from clothes and luggage to breast pumps and bike racks.

Make your calculation and start renting out equipment for constant passive income.

4. Affiliate marketing

Start collaborating with Amazon or other globally popular commercial websites to generate passive income.

When you understand how things work, you might be able to launch your own website and connect to other people to join your affiliate marketing network to eventually increase your passive income.

However, be aware that this niche requires a fair amount of time and commitment to start bringing money. In the beginning, you won’t make a fortune, but this passive income will keep growing as your network expands and your knowledge of the niche extends.

5. Care-providing services

Initially, the terms services and passive income might seem mutually exclusive.

But if you scratch under the surface, you’ll realize that you can set up a care-providing business and let others handle the daily operations. Your task is to supervise and correct their work.

Here are the most wanted niches for care provision:
  • Elderly care. Forming a team of professionals that can look after older people that live alone has its market potential. Also, think about offering cleaning, shopping, and cooking services to the elderly.
  • Childcare. Many working parents prefer babysitting at home to nurseries. So, consider gathering nannies and governesses who can work with such families. But first, learn how to start your own nanny agency. Additional two cents: hire only certified childcare professionals because it’s a delicate niche.
  • Pet care. Grooming pets, taking them out or looking them after when their owners are on holidays are only some options of the pet care niche. The greatest benefit: you don’t have to hire certified pros or undergo any special training to launch such a business.

Not every passive income is such from the beginning. Sometimes you need to make an initial effort or investment to ensure passive revenues in the future. The tips shared above will help full-time workers or entrepreneurs extend their business activity to potentially lucrative niches. We hope that those services will soon turn into an entirely passive income and improve your home budget.