It is always difficult moving to a new location to live there permanently or maybe only to spend six months of the year. We would all love to be able to travel freely around the world but unfortunately, there are immigration laws and regulations that need to be followed and sometimes they are not as clear as they should be. Some people actually believe that the ambiguity is there to make the procedure much more difficult and others believe that the rules are there to protect everyone. No matter what you think, there will come a time when you’re going to need some assistance from a lawyer with regard to your immigration status.

In Asia for example, you could be asked to show your passport at any time of the day or night and sometimes you run into trouble even though you have been trying to follow all of the immigration rules. You may have overlooked something that you didn’t properly understand what the regulations were and so you find yourself in a very precarious situation where you might even have to leave the country altogether. It’s at times like this that you need an immigration lawyer in Thailand to guide you through the rules and regulations to a successful conclusion. There are a number of situations when things can go wrong in another country and the following are just some such situations.

Overstay due to illness - Hopefully, you will never find yourself in a situation such as this but many ex-pats do every single year and it can be difficult trying to explain why you have overstated due to ill-health. It seems logical that they would understand and as long as you are sure of a letter from the hospital indicating your illness that should get you out of a difficult situation. However, logic sometimes doesn’t come into the equation and so you need the services of an immigration lawyer to get you out of a situation such as this.

Your visa or extension is declined - the immigration officer may decline your extension or visa application for your long-term vacation but due to the language issues, they are not able to properly explain how they got to this conclusion. You could sit and try to figure it out with them all day or you could just go to your local immigration lawyer who will gladly go to the immigration office and find out what exactly is wrong with your application and how it can be fixed.

These are two of the many situations that you could find yourself in and due to knowledge and cultural differences, you might find it something that you can’t figure out all by yourself. It gives you excellent peace of mind knowing that there is always someone there that can help and who knows and understands the rules and regulations that need to be followed to the letter. Your immigration lawyer will be there fighting for you in your corner, trying to get you the answers that you need.