As society develops, there are many different types of insurance that parents need to find out before buying to fit the needs of themselves and their families. When thinking about the future and preparing for the family or yourself, many people worry about many risks related to health that can occur and affect future plans. Insurance is a financial product that can protect you from these risks. In addition to social insurance, life insurance, and non-life insurance, health insurance is the type of insurance most people care about when they want to protect their health. But are you familiar with this type of insurance?

What is health insurance? 

Health insurance is a non-life insurance product popularly used by many people at the present time. Usually, people often buy health insurance are parents with young children who are often sick, the elderly, and terminally ill patients. With health insurance, you will pay a recurring premium every year. Unlike life insurance, this fee is not cumulative and invested. Each year, your premium fee will also be reassessed; if you have used a lot of benefits, your payment may increase. Because insurance companies will assess that your immediate protection needs are high.
health insurance
The premium fee you need to pay will vary from time to time.

Health insurance is a type of insurance precisely for cases that the insured person suffers from an injury, accident, sickness, or disease, or people who are insured by the insurance enterprise as agreed upon in the health insurance contract.

In modern life, health insurance is considered a solid financial support when you and your family risk unexpected and unforeseen accidents or unfortunate illnesses. We may or may not join in health insurance. No agency can coerce you into health insurance.

However, most product packages offered by insurance companies already have benefits. It's hard for customers to refuse. So, depending on the needs of yourself and your family, you should choose different benefit packages.

The term health insurance policy is a feature that you can explore and consider

There is a feature that you need to know about health insurance. That is the term of the health insurance contract. The period of health insurance contracts only lasts up to 1 year. You must pay 1 time per year to receive benefits. Suppose customers want to continue enjoying the insurance package's benefits visit In that case, they need to renew the insurance policy and continue paying the premium fee for the procedure to take effect.

Why should we buy and use health insurance? 

Health insurance is a type of helpful insurance. If you are not familiar with this type of insurance, please refer to the benefits that insurance will bring to you and your family below:
  • Families with children and the elderly should buy health insurance to help families save the most incurred costs.
  • Health insurance can assist buyers in caring for and making medical appointments without waiting too long.
  • Customers can participate in insurance voluntarily, depending on their financial capacity and the needs of individuals and families.
  • Choosing free clinics, hospitals in the list, and clinics in the contract. You can select where you trust and do not need to choose a unique medical address. This gives customers freedom and flexibility in medical examination and treatment.
  • Some premium insurance packages will have coverage beyond the territory of Vietnam. This allows clients to access foreign medical services in special or urgent cases.
  • Insurance buyers do not need a medical examination before participating in insurance, except in cases where the insurance company requires it.
  • Health insurance will pay for hospitalization, medical expenses, etc., by the terms of the contract. In addition, some product packages will pay and guarantee hospitalization fees for clients who are covered by insurance companies.
  • A health insurance contract can be used for the whole family. This brings convenience and flexibility for customers when participating in health insurance.
The benefits that health insurance can bring us are limitless.

Besides, several health insurance products for terminal illnesses have fits, finance, and gifts for insured people. However, you should note that the cost and duration of using non-life insurance are often much lower than the cost and time of using life insurance. Therefore, the benefits of non-life insurance cannot be compared with life insurance. If you want to temporarily cover the expenses incurred, refer to health insurance - A type of non-life insurance. However, if you want to maintain stable and long-term finances for your family, consider life insurance.

Only needing a few contracts with lengthy and confusing terms, customers only need to choose the insurance package that suits their budget and needs. The compensation speed of health insurance is relatively fast. Customers can receive compensation in about 15 business days if the claim file is no problem.

5 reasons to buy family health insurance

Health insurance shares the financial burden for families when someone is sick. It helps you guarantee hospital fees and use domestic and international medical facilities with high limits...

You should consider many reasons if you want to buy health insurance.

Sharing financial burden for families when someone is sick 

Industrial lifestyles, polluted air, contaminated food, cigarette smoke, alcohol, obesity, and stress... cause more and more illnesses, and the population is becoming younger. While older people often face cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and cancer, children are more susceptible to infectious respiratory diseases. The cost of examination and treatment is expensive, even too much for many families.

Our survey with more than 2000 patients pointed out that about 30% of patients had economic difficulties when they unfortunately got sick and had to be hospitalized for a long time.
Nearly 34% of patients could not afford medicine, 24% could not pay for hospital costs, 21% could not afford to walk around, and up to 15.2% could not afford food. To solve this problem, nearly 67% of patients have to borrow money, and 22% have to sell assets to cover all situations... In fact, this financial burden can completely share most or all with insurance contracts. So why don't we consider using health insurance?

Meet the need for high-quality healthcare. 

If you want to experience international medical services at private hospitals or go overseas for treatment, health insurance is the right choice. These products and services can pay at many public and private health facilities, domestic and international, with relatively high limits.
Specific health insurance will meet your needs.

For example, if a pregnant woman wants to enjoy the birth-giving service at a 5-star hospital, the cost will be much higher than at the public hospital. However, you can get most of this money when choosing a corresponding insurance package. Depending on your financial capacity, you can choose different insurance packages.

Save treatment time 

Health insurance is applied in many different health facilities, not only in Vietnam but also in developed countries. This is the most suitable option if you want to visit and treat at senior hospitals or foreign medical facilities.

Parents with children will also avoid crowding and save time waiting, reducing the risk of spreading dangerous diseases... when taking children to see a doctor.

High insurance benefits, reasonable fees 

Health insurance packages are often varied, with a year or longer term, depending on each person's requirements. The participation fee is suitable for the budget of many families. The insurance coverage is relatively high, with various benefits such as inpatient, outpatient, dental, maternity, organ transplant, and cancer treatment... Health insurance has many different packages for you to choose and you can take advantage of many benefits when buying for the whole family.

Before you sign up for a health insurance policy, a few things to keep in mind

Note to know when buying health insurance. 

Before buying health insurance, you need to consider the following things to make the right decision and protect the whole family's health best.

Choose the insurance package according to your financial ability and needs

Not only support the examination and treatment cost of illness and accidents, but health insurance also gives your family the best medical services at home and abroad. However, each insurance package offers different benefits and related costs. So, depending on the package you choose, is inpatient, outpatient, dental, maternity, or pediatric treatment, you will receive additional benefits. In addition, insurance packages often offer two levels of coverage. It's basic and premium. Therefore, you need to choose health insurance according to your needs and financial ability to enjoy the best benefits during the examination and treatment without being overloaded because of the annual cost.

Thorough research of insurance benefits

Before buying health insurance, you should note that insurance only compensates for your unforeseen illnesses and accidents. That is why insurance companies always offer a waiting time and eliminate uninsured diseases before buying insurance. For example, if you are pregnant before buying maternity insurance, you will not be paid for the insurance. Also, pay attention to your sickness benefits, payment rates, and high-quality medical services to choose the insurance that best suits your medical examination and treatment needs.
A reputable insurance address will help you take advantage of your benefits.

Choose a reputable insurance company. 

Many domestic and foreign insurance companies with different insurance packages and benefit levels suit the needs of each family. Therefore, you need to compare the criteria to choose a reputable insurance company for your family. Prestigious insurance companies need to have transparent compensation procedures.

Consider hospitals affiliated with insurance companies. 

If you want to use health insurance services at reputable hospitals or a particular hospital your family always trusts, consider the list of hospitals affiliated with the insurance company you choose to buy to enjoy the guarantee and the best care. Health insurance will help you pay for medical expenses and allow you to access the high-quality medical services you desire.

Indeed, health insurance is beneficial for us and our families. Health insurance is a smart choice if there is good financial ability. You can consider our sharing above. If you have any questions, please contact us for timely answers or contact Ibaohiem for advice!