Despite the versatility and convenience, not all pets like overalls. But the harsh winter dictates its requirements, forcing both people and animals to warm up. Custom winter jackets for dogs are a great alternative to modern overalls. They are the best accompaniment to walks in the winter and demission periods of the year. Modern models, as a rule, are light in weight and have a comfortable fit, which guarantees absolute freedom of action for the puppy.

You can choose the best warm dog jacket in the Waudog online store. The catalogue contains a wide range of branded customised products. Comfortable specialized clothing will give warmth and protection to your pets, making the walk pleasant and comfortable even at low air temperatures. In addition to the warm jacket for dogs, it is recommended to pay attention to personalised leather collars with names, as well as nylon and cotton harnesses, which are indispensable for every pet.

Key Features and Benefits of a Warm Dog Jacket

Outerwear for dogs in the form of jackets is quite comfortable and easy to use. It can be worn alone or paired with other dog clothing. It all depends on your choice and, of course, the weather conditions.

Modern manufacturers of pet products create entire lines of beautiful and stylish clothes, presenting the most exclusive options for customers. Each new collection is different in colours, styles, and finishes, so you will definitely be able to find something that you and your pet will like.

Thanks to the wide variety of models, choosing a jacket that matches your dog's breed and size is not difficult. The main thing is to decide on the choice of filler:
  • Natural fluff. Natural filler will plunge your pet into the wonderful world of warmth and comfort. This option is best suited for calm pets that practically do not get dirty. After all, fluff does not tolerate frequent washing;
  • Holofiber. This is a new unique filler. The material perfectly warms the pet even in the most severe frosts. At the same time, the hole fibre perfectly keeps its shape even after frequent washings;
  • Synthetic winterizer. This material is hypoallergenic. It is quite warm and very light;
  • Flannel fabric. The jacket lined with flannel fabric washes well. It is comfortable and warm. By choosing this for your dog, you should not worry that a pet will freeze. Such a warm dog coat is a good option even in very cold temperatures.
When choosing a jacket, pay attention to the little things:
  • The presence of a deep hood guarantees maximum protection of the muzzle from wind and snow/rain, keeping the shaggy head warm and comfortable;
  • Knitted cuffs on the legs will help prevent snow and dirt from getting under the jacket. The cuffs will minimize the penetration of wind under clothing while maintaining maximum comfort and cosy warmth;
  • Elasticated waistbands are especially important for thin dogs. It doesn't matter if you choose jackets, dog overalls, or dog dresses. The elastic band will allow adjusting the size of the outfit to the volumes of a particular dog. Thanks to this detail, the clothes will not hang out and interfere with calm play.

Catalogue of Quality Dog Jackets on the Website

The best dog jackets for winter can be purchased from AiryVest Lumi is the first dog jacket of its kind that glows in the dark. One side of the jacket is made of a special light-accumulative material that can be charged from any light source. A 30-minute charge is enough to make the dog visible throughout the evening walk. The customized jackets are unpretentious in care. Jackets are easy to clean, so there are no problems with care. Take time to review them.

Thanks to fashionable, stylish, and practical clothing, you will be able to walk with your dog in any weather. In addition, you will provide a pet with reliable protection from negative environmental factors. The online store offers affordable prices for products, so don't worry that you will have to pay a lot of money when placing an order. You will surely receive an affordable price for a jacket, a name collar, or any other product.