With freezing temperatures in different parts of the country, many commercial property owners will be faced with a thick layer of snow in front of their property. Sometimes the snow cover is so deep that you will not be able to remove it independently and will need to hire professionals. But there are so many snow removal companies out there. How do you decide which one is reliable? Here are tips for choosing a trustworthy commercial snow removal company:

Find Out About Their Turnaround Time

When your lawn has a thick layer of snow, your priority will be to remove it. You don't want your customers or employees to wade through a pile of snow. One of the concerns most property owners have is when the snow removal company will start the operation. Check if they can guarantee a response time which normally ranges from one to three hours. You can choose a company that offers the shortest response time, provided they meet all your other requirements.

Get Details About the Company’s Services

All snow removal companies may not provide the same set of services. Ask the snow removal company for a breakdown of all the services they provide. Get clarity on what they will and will not do on your property. Find out if they clear parking lots, entrances, and sidewalks. Check if they haul any snow or spray deicers. You don't want to hire a company and then find out that they provide only a fraction of the services you need.

Ask for References

You want to hire a reliable company to work on your commercial property. When speaking to potential snow removal companies, ask for references for their past work. These could be photographs or videos. If you can, visit other sites that the company is servicing to see the type of work they do. Word of mouth is another way to shortlist the company you want to work with. Speak to contacts and check if they have worked with the company before, read reviews online, and ask for references. Any professional snow removal company will not hesitate to show you references of previous work or give you contacts of their regular clients.

Check if the Company Has the Required Insurance

Your snow removal company's team will be heading out into treacherous weather to remove the snow from your property. While the team will have safety training and professional equipment to avoid mishaps, there could be unfortunate incidents. Ensure the company has the right insurance if there is any mishap or accident. Most professional companies like U.S. Lawns, which offers regional and seasonal landscape maintenance, would be covered by general liability or auto insurance policies. The general liability insurance will cover the snow removal, while the auto insurance will cover any incidents or damages caused by the company's vehicle. However, some private contractors may also hook up a plough to their truck and get into snow removal without additional coverage. You need to make sure any damage is covered, and you don't have to foot the bill in case of any accidents on site. Ask for proof of insurance and check if it includes workers' compensation and liability coverage.

Enquire About Employees

You should be aware of the team on your property removing the snow. Some companies may hire sub-contractors for winter work. These sub-contractors may want to remove the snow quickly so that they can move on to another job. Your property can suffer in the bargain. On the other hand, hired employees will take their time to do a thorough job as they are interested in getting repeat business. Also, if the company sends employees, you will be able to track them in case of any issues on your property.

Inspect the Equipment to Ensure Thorough Work and Safety

The snow removal company you choose should have the latest equipment in good condition. Ensure the company has commercial-grade, quality machines and attachments. Check if the company inspects the equipment daily to ensure it works properly. Ask if the company has backup machines in case of breakdowns or other problems. Also, check if the company has a good safety record. Ensure the team that comes to clear your property has had safety training on working in snow and ice. Find out if they know ways to prevent accidents, handle the heavy equipment, and keep themselves warm. Choose a company that is ready for anything.