It’s a beautiful time to be a small business owner. With all the free tools and resources available online, starting and growing your company has become more than just a pipe dream for budding entrepreneurs. The surge of virtual assistants means getting skilled and hard-working people to help you build your company is no problem. On top of that, the practically free marketing you get from social media can help you get the exposure that, years ago, you would have only gained by spending a lot on advertising.

One of the best providers of free resources and tools is Google and using these drastically reduce business expenses. As a successful online business, Google aims to help every other company reach its full potential. Google has everything from products that simplify scheduling and process flow to tools that help create effective online marketing strategies for small business enterprises.

Here are 8 FREE Google Products that you should be using.

For better workflows and collaboration:

1. Google Chrome

Google Chrome is currently the most-used and undoubtedly one of the best web browsers. It’s fast, lightweight, and has thousands of extensions and apps that can boost its core functionality. Learn more Top 5 Chrome Tools.

2. Gmail

If you can’t get a professional email client yet, Gmail is your best bet. It’s reliable and syncs seamlessly with useful Google products like Calendar, Drive, and Keep. Read more: Five reasons Gmail still beats the new Hotmail.

3. Google Drive

Again, syncing with other Google products is a significant plus for Google Drive. But besides that, it just gets the job done. With Drive, you get a massive amount of free storage and unique tools for editing your documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms. It’s definitely a must when collaborating with your virtual assistant. Learn more: Multi-Cloud Manager You Cannot Miss

4. Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a reliable calendar app and a great scheduling tool. If you’re already using other Google products, use this to make syncing easier. Read more A Complete Guide To Setup Podcast Calendar

5. Google Keep

Google Keep has a mobile app, a web-based app, and a built-in app in Gmail, so it’s easy to take notes anytime and anywhere. For digital marketing:

6. Google Analytics

Google Analytics is arguably the most comprehensive analytics tool available today. You can spend years exploring and studying Analytics and still need to discover everything it offers. This is a must-have for any business looking to establish a solid online presence and an excellent guide in boosting your SEO.

7. Google My Business

Get your business on the map, literally, with Google My Business. It’s pretty easy to sign your business up for a Google My Business page if you have a physical address, even if it’s just a tiny office. It makes your business easier to discover and allows users to see your website, contact information, business hours, and other important info at a glance.

8. Google Webmaster Tools

Google Webmaster Tools offers a set of valuable instruments to ensure your website is searchable, so make sure you utilize it. It provides tools and tips on ensuring that your website can be crawled by Google’s search engine bots.

Why pay for products when you can get them free and use them as your sales funnel? Sure, you will probably outgrow some of these tools when you scale up following your compliance documentation (although a lot of them will still be helpful no matter how large your company has grown), but they are great tools for you when you’re just starting out. Be a smart business owner and take advantage of these free products from Google now.