Google Chrome is one of the most used browsers by peoples. Like, Safari many peoples use Chrome Browsers also for surfing the Internet. Internet Browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer will be never able to catch up with Google Chrome. Because you can do many customizations with Chrome browser and you can add an extension in it which makes your work much faster and easier. The Chrome Browser is best for peoples who are web developer, blogger or some kind of people who works online daily. You can use the following tools if firefox is taking up too much memory in your pc.

By adding an extension in Chrome Browser it makes work of blogger and web developer much faster. So, in this article, we have listed some best Tools which you can add to your Chrome Browser and start doing your work faster than before.

Myfavorites.Page -

There are free versions as well as the paid version. The free version doesn't sync your information and doesn't have Google Calendar and many other valuable characteristics. When you promote to the Pro version, improves you made to your page will be synced automatically so that even if you're at the airport or using another appliance or want to switch to a new PC due to casualty or destruction of the old one, you can admission your links, to-dos, events, reminders, notes, news and more from new tab extension

Best Chrome Tools

1. Tab Size

Tab Size

If you have open too many tabs in your Chrome Browser and want to work faster by opening those tabs side-by-side then this Chrome Tool name as “Tab Size” will help you to get this feature. This tool comes with some shortcuts in it through which you can choose which tab you want to keep open and which tab you want to leave alone.

2. Checkbot


This is the Chrome Extension which helps you to analyze website optimization and safety of it. Google starts taking things related to the safety of the website into account at the time of ranking and you will also get a well-optimized website. The best feature of this extension is that it checks 100 of webpages at the same time regarding there, page speed, SEO, optimization, unsafe, etc. The free version of this tool checks 250 URLs and you can upgrade it to 10,000 URLs.



Once more, much the same as Check My Links, Speedtest completes one thing great. Access it directly from your toolbar to test how well your page is performing. You'll quantify how quick a site stacks just as for ping, download and transfer speeds. You can also do it by using different proxies, you can know more about it on technoister

Scan WP

Scan WP

If you don’t have much idea of WordPress and you just start building your WordPress website then this Tool “Scan WP” will help you too much. This tool starts to scan the plugins and themes which are installed on any website and will show you the name of it. With the help of this tool, you will get all the required information regarding Wordpress.

WordPress Admin Switcher

WordPress Admin Switcher

With the WordPress Admin Switcher, you can move between the front end and administrator screens with easy routes. The augmentation additionally accelerates the sign-in procedure, sparing you the inconvenience of composing in the "wp-administrator" part each and every time.

Final Words

So, this is all about tools or extension which you can use in your Google Chrome Browser for doing your work faster. These extensions work very fast in comparison to software.

So, I hope this article is helpful to you guys. If you have any doubt related to any extension then comment below we will try to help you as soon as possible.