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Are you unclear about the role of keywords in research? Do you want to gain access to effective SEO tools for improving your SERP rank?

If you want to improve the ranking of your page, getting your keywords right is the first and foremost step. It will elevate the position of your content in the SERPs. Now the question is, what’s a SERP? Search Engine Results Page is what you see on your screen when you search for a topic on the internet. Search engines like Google and YouTube use several factors to determine the SERP rank.

Do you want your page to land on top of the search engine results? Well, there are multiple organic as well as quicker ways to do that. Using the word ‘quick’ here is for the useful SEO tools to enhance the visibility of your content. One of the most popular tools would certainly be WMS SERP checker. WhatsMySERP is one of the best options to check and improve your search engine rank.

First, let us get to the basic.

Why is Keyword Research Important?

Every second, over 75,000 search queries are conducted on the world’s largest search engine—Google. Among trillions of searches every day, how can your content be visible to the public?

Keywords are the most significant words or phrases in your content. The right keyword tells the search engines what your blog, webpage, or site is all about.

Target Audience

While deciding what your keywords are, first make sure of ‘who are you writing the content for?’ For example, if your article tells a recipe for Lemon Chicken, the content is mainly for chicken lovers who’re trying to cook something new. Once you’re sure about your niche audience, focus your keywords around their needs.

Search Volume

The number of times a particular keyword is searched in a given timeframe refers to its search volume. Your keyword needs to be among the most searched ones. Only then will your page get higher visibility. How to figure out the search volume of your keywords? WMS Everywhere is one of the most effective tools to help you know the keyword search volume within seconds.

Know Your Competitors

Keywords with higher search volumes require more work to achieve a good SEO rank. Most of the big brands will occupy the first ten places in a search engine. So, what are you supposed to do? Try to be more specific with your keywords to reduce the competition. Choose long-tail keywords.

For example, ‘badminton’ can be a keyword, but it may have over 500k monthly searches. If you choose your keyword to be ‘badminton racket for female professionals,' the search volume will drastically fall. However, now your keyword is more specific, leading to better conversion rates.


When someone enters a search query on Google, for example, the search engine bots get to work. The bots crawl the entire web to find the most relevant information. Search Engine Results Page is what appears as a result of Google’s research.

You can find out whether your content will land in the top pages of search engines through WMS SERP checker for free. Read on to know more about its exciting features.

SEO Ranks

Whenever a search is conducted, the information displayed on SERPs is in the order of most to least suitable results. If your keywords are used correctly, such as in title-tags, description, domain links, etc., your content is easy to reach. Your page is then optimized and has chances of bagging a higher SEO rank.

Why use WMS?

Search engines like Google are constantly changing their algorithms. This may cause a bounce in your ranking. With WMS at your side, you can instantly analyze the performance of your page with the on-demand feature. Moreover, WMS automatically refreshes the rank of your content every day.

WMS helps you grow your SEO reach along with maintaining performance consistency. Whether you want to check yesterday’s ranking or the previous year’s, WhatsMySERP is at your service.

With the full history of rankings, you can compare your current performance with any of the previously obtained results. With WMS, make sure you’re always heading towards the right direction.

What is WMS Everywhere?

Do you want to make sure that your chosen keywords are doing their job? WMS Everywhere gives you instant information regarding your keyword’s performance. With the help of this tool, you can access keyword details like search volume, cost per click (CPC), and other related keywords. Make sure your keywords are visible to the SE-bots.

What’s more? You won’t need to open another window or tab. The WMS Everywhere will be present as a button on your toolbar. While you start a new search, click on the WMS extension to get all the details without leaving the search page.

Are you in LA but want to know your SEO performance in London? Worry not, WMS has got you covered. With WMS Everywhere, you can easily change your preferred location to get accurate results according to the specific country.

Adding to your amazement, you can access all of these features for free.

Final Thoughts

The first page of Google usually has over 1890 words. In such a crowded network, using SERP APIs like WhatsMySERP can greatly help to improve your overall SEO ranking.

Over 75% of people don’t choose to go beyond the first SERP. In a highly competitive world like that, conducting efficient keyword research might just be your number one solution. While determining your keywords, it is highly important to have in-depth knowledge of your niche, competitors, as well as SEO factors.

Plug-in to WMS Everywhere now to crack the world of keyword research!