Punishable Offenses

We all have heard about the incidence of students getting punished by the teachers for their offensive behaviour. But! Offensive behaviour is offensive behaviour whether done by the student or a teacher.

Our constitution says Not only students but teachers also get punished if they are found doing offensive things. There are many rules and laws regarding this. In this article, I will be discussing some important and common laws that everyone should know about. So! let's get started-

Student Privacy

A teacher knows everything about his/her student. They have all the personal information of the student.

Sharing student personal detail with anyone is not at all accepted and is often considered a crime. Even our constitution does not give permission to share student personal details with anyone.

Teachers should be careful while handling personal information and do not share it anywhere, whether social media or other.

And if a teacher is found sharing personal details of his/her student then parents can go to the court and register a complaint regarding this matter.

But sharing information where it's needed or in case of emergency, teachers can share personal information about the student and is not considered a crime. In this case, the teacher would be treated as innocent and no case will be filed against him/her.

Supervision of students

Sometimes teachers neglect students and their problems or give extra attention to specific students. This might hurt the sentiment of other students.

This could affect their mental peace and cause many problems. As a result, teachers might face some serious problems in the near future.

So! It is advised to teachers to take care of/her students and give equal importance to each and every child.

Respect for students

Respect is very important in any relationship. Not only do teachers deserve to get respect but students also deserve to be respected by the teacher.

According to our constitution, teachers should treat every student as an individual and should give equal respect to everyone.

Teachers should not discriminate against students on the basis of colour, caste, gender, culture etc. They should see every student the same. Teachers should know how to respect students and should not compromise at any cost.

If the teacher is found guilty regarding this matter then things might go extremely worse.

Limits on discipline

In the classroom, whether you teach online or offline, it is important to have discipline. A disciplined class helps in effective learning.

If a student's behaviour is affecting the class then teachers can make them disciplined. If a student is found guilty then the teacher can go through the higher authority and can also call their parents.

Each law has some set of boundaries or limits and according to which teacher can work on students and teach them the right discipline. They cannot go beyond that limit and are found guilty, the teacher might face a problem.

Punishing Students

When it comes to punishing the students, teachers can punish students in a friendly manner just to show them the right path. But! Giving severe punishment to the student is a criminal offence and the teacher might be in danger.

Sometimes the teacher gets angry with some students who do not listen to them in the class and give harsh punishments. This could put them into big trouble.

Final Words

There are many laws and regulations made for the safety of students. The above-mentioned points are important and show that if a teacher crosses a certain limit then they might put them into trouble. However, as TET full form say that teacher is eligible if they pass the examination but these moral values are required to give your profession a real sense.