Rainy Day in Switzerland

So, you’re used to seeing your favorite places when it’s all sunny and bright. Now it’s rainy and you don’t know what fun things you can do. Worry not, because we’ve prepared a list of some of the incredibly fun things to see and do in Switzerland, whether it’s a drizzly day or not. Check them out:

Glasi Hergiswil

There’s only one glass factory in Switzerland – and it’s the Glasi in the small town of Hergiswil on the shores of Lake Lucerne. Here, you will have lots of fun watching workers blowing glass objects like wine glasses, vases, and Christmas decorations – and you can even blow yours under supervision.

There are several exhibitions which show the history of the factory and explore interesting properties of singing glass and period glass. There is also a glass maze where you can have fun navigating – the reflections keep you on your toes as you attempt to come out on the other side.

Zoo Zurich

Zoo Zurich

From bears to tigers to elephants to penguins, Zurich Zoo is teeming with plenty of interesting animals to see and enjoy. There are more than 360 animal species, making the zoo on of the most diversified not just in Europe but the world.

There are dozens of indoor exhibits to ensure you are protected from weather elements and also fantastic playgrounds and interactive elements for kids who prefer the games to the animals. Come here and discover several habitats that are representatives of the wild – think cloud forests, prairie, rainforest and others. Plus, you can walk around and see most of the site in a day without feeling exhausted.

Schloss Lenzburg

This is a medieval castle perched on a spectacular rock formation near the town of Lenzburg. Today, visitors are given the history of the castle, including the many wars that were launched between kingdoms to take control of the castle centuries ago. Inside, the rooms are set up to show the lifestyle of the royals who lived here, and there are even actors who “act” it out.

There’s a lovely garden to chill out, as well as a cafĂ© and a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs for your loved ones. There’s also a kids museum where children can amuse themselves for hours, whatever the weather.

Swiss Museum of Transport

Located in the beautiful city of Lucerne, the Museum of Transport shows the history of road, rail, water and air transport. It also showcases the history and imagines the future of space travel. The place also features an expansive outdoor area replete with all manner lake and on-land activities that make it a fun experience no matter the weather.

Also alongside the museum is interesting attractions waiting: from documentaries streamed on the biggest screen in Switzerland, to an ultra-modern planetarium that takes you on a 360° flight to the stars. There is also thrilling communication trends such as virtual reality in the Media World section.


This is Switzerland’s biggest water park and it features numerous water slides and pools for people of all ages. Since the water slides and tubes are indoors, the park is open all year round. Situated only 30 minutes away from Zurich, it’s quite convenient; so you don’t have to plan for days! Besides, on rainy days it’s even better because it’s not as crowded as when it’s sunny.

Swiss National Museum

Swiss National Museum

Located in Zurich, the Swiss National Museum narrates for you the intriguing cultural history of Switzerland. Visitors are taken on an exhibition tour of the country; from prehistoric times through the ancient times and the centuries up to the 20th century. Whether you’re a history enthusiast or not, you’re sure to be fascinated by the gothic arts section of early artists and also the religious from medieval times.

Thermal Baths and Spa Zurich

Right in the heart of Zurich is a wellness oasis known as Thermal Baths and Spa Zurich. This place features reinvigorating thermal baths equipped with hydro jet massages, a shallow pool for relaxing and whirlpool baths.

The spa is fed by one of the city’s hot mineral springs, providing a revitalizing experience with the therapeutic and mineral-rich water. Whether it’s been a long week or you just want to recharge, this is the place to be.

Just because it’s a bit chilly or rainy day it doesn’t mean you should stay indoors all day. Explore these places and make your day worthwhile. Visit coopzeitung.ch for more destination tips and ideas!