College students need to live in a comfortable and safe environment to focus on school. Where you’ll live for the next four years can affect your comfort and ability to excel in classes. How can you study when you live in a dorm that’s too cramped and humid? Do you think you can sleep with ease if your apartment doesn’t even have any ventilation? 

Whether you live in an off-campus apartment or a convenient campus dorm, you need to consider the following student housing challenges before deciding where to stay next semester:


The high demand for student accommodation near big schools and urban campuses causes an increase in the cost of student housing. This makes rental houses near campus unaffordable for students. If you choose to live in off-campus housing such as CoLab apartments for students, you will also have to foot the bills and pay for transport to and from school.

Living in the financial district neighborhood would be more expensive, but if you can afford that, it will be a great option for living. 

If you want to find the best deals in student housing, start your search early and look at several options. In this way, you’ll have the time to scout for many options and then carefully compare each. Starting your search early is essential as this will prevent you from staying in expensive student housing just because the school year is about to start.


Dorms are often cramped and off-campus houses might not be any better. If you need space to work on your school projects, space will be a big issue for you. Moreover, music students need quiet spaces to rehearse, which might be impossible in a cramped space. Luxuries such as garage spaces and yards to play sports are hard to encounter in a student-housing environment.

If you want to have plenty of space to yourself, you should consider living far from your school. If you’re leaning towards this direction, include Oldway Centre in your options, especially if you’re going to attend college in Wales. Big apartments near your college will be too expensive but those farther away will be affordable. If your college is near your home, you should consider living at home to save money.

Convenience and Accessibility

Students prefer to find accommodations that are close to campus to make it easier to get to class on time. On-campus dorms offer a convenient solution but it is not easy to secure a spot inside the campus. In some cases, the student population is so large that auxiliary campuses are the only way to give students enough housing.

If you go to an urban campus, your off-campus housing options will be limited. However, you can find cheaper housing farther away from campus and buy a car to ensure that you get to class on time. If you cannot afford a car, you will just have to rely on public transportation.

For you to end up staying in a student housing that offers convenience and accessibility, research your options and start your search early. When looking for a student housing, time should be on your side as this will prevent you from staying in expensive accommodations just because you ran out of options. 


Student housing means that a large number of people will be living in a small space and this brings about privacy problems. Sharing of bathrooms is a common occurrence in campus housing and most people are not comfortable with it. Private bathrooms are only available in private schools at an additional cost.

Moreover, campus housing has shared spaces such as kitchens and study lounges, which do not provide enough quiet to study and have a private conversation. You'll be living with many other students in a student housing so expect that you’ll only get little to zero privacy in this type of accommodation. To find a place to study, you might have to walk a few miles away from your campus.

Security and Safety

Safety is a big deal when it comes to student housing. Schools hire security personnel to keep the dormitories safe but rowdy behavior still occurs, especially when students consume alcohol. This is something that you should expect when you start to live in student accommodations. When you choose to live off-campus, you will not enjoy campus security like the other students.

Neighborhoods where students live are targets for burglary and theft because students have laptops, money, and vehicles that are disproportionate to the income of those living in the surrounding areas. When you couple this with the inexperience of student tenants, you will find that many college kids fall prey to burglars because they fail to install alarm systems and bar their windows.

If you want to remain safe when you start your journey in college, pick a student housing that offers 24/7 roving security guards. They should also have CCTVs around the building to easily monitor who comes in and out. You should also invest in high-quality locks and make sure that your windows, doors, and all other entryways are shut whenever you leave the premises.


The above challenges make student housing life near impossible. However, you should persevere because college is the last stage before adult life begins.  In fact, you should look at these challenges as a preparation to become an adult. Once you’ve conquered all of these challenges, you won’t have any problems transitioning to adulthood!