You have probably moved recently, everything else is up and running, the internet is also set but you still do not have the mail. Proper settling in requires that you ensure that your packages, bills, and letters are reaching the correct address not forgetting the post office hours.

To achieve this, you need to update your address with the USPS – United States Postal service. The service maintains your former address record and subsequently forwards mails to your current address for six months. The process may not be very dependable, however, the post office tries to reach out to old addresses. Here is how you can update your mailing address.

If you have changed your address and it is time for your mails to be forwarded, you can update or cancel the request via the web on the United States Postal Service website using this process;

View, Cancel or Change your Address Change

When you are on the USPS website, there is a link that leads you to view, cancel, or update a submitted order of changing an address. Besides this, you can visit this site to find about the USPS holidays 2021 so that you can learn about the days they are taking off.

Input Required Information

This is a page with blanks that need you to input your current ZIP Code and a confirmation number. After submitting your order, you get a confirmation letter with a sixteen-digit code printed on it, this is the confirmation number. In case you did your order online, you will get the code from the confirmation email.

If you cannot trace your confirmation letter or email and you cannot access the confirmation code, you can pay a visit to a post office near me.

Make the Required Changes

After following the steps above, you can now make changes as follows;

  • Change the start date of your mail forwarding.
  • Update the end date of your mail forwarding.
  • Update your phone number or email address.
  • Shift the move from temporary to permanent.
  • Change the move from a family one to an individual.
  • Or entirely cancel the order of address change.
You should also note that you only have two chances to make any changes in one day. If you deplete the two modifications allowed, you will receive an error notification that you have surpassed the number of changes for that day and that you should try again after two days.

How to Do the Procedure in Person

In case you are finding it hard to work with the web address change process, you can physically visit the nearest Post Office and make the changes in person.

At the local Post office, you will be required to do the following; submit a filled identification form and provide proof indicating that you reside in the provided primary address. You can use a bank statement or utility bill.

Other Important Things to Note

You should update your address two weeks before moving so you get ample time to receive a validation letter confirming the changes.

You can update your address by changing the data via the USPS page or visiting a post office near you to do the same in person.

It will cost you $1.05 for the process. If you are doing it online, you will make the payment with your debit or credit card. The payment is an identity verification tool that prevents fraud. The United States Postal service ensures that the address matches your old or your current residence.

Updating your address with the postal service does not change it everywhere else but it forwards your mail to the current address.

Advantages of Updating Your USPS Address

Updating your previous mailing address to your new one helps you to prevent identity theft. Failing to do an update risks your name and other private data being utilized by identity thieves. If they open an account in other people’s names, they can make purchases or accept goods deliveries on your credit.

You also validate your identity since financial institutions such as credit card companies and banks need to ascertain that you are the one they are working with. Updating your address is among the ways that they can make such verifications. Without this, you risk not having an account or qualifying for a credit card.

Credit card companies make a comparison of billing addresses provided with the residential data you provided when getting the card. Online transactions cannot be done if the information does not match.

Changing your USPS address also assists in updating your driving license. The law requires drivers to update their address in thirty to ninety days after relocating to another state.


The bottom line is that it can be hard to keep your address updated, more so when your schedule is very tight. You should however note that an updated address saves you a lot of inconveniences. The best thing is that you can do the entire procedure online in the constraints of time to visit your local post office.

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