After moving and changing your address, various entities should be updated with your new information. The USPS helps by forwarding your mail to the new address, but they can only do this for the mail sent through them. 

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What of any other mail? It is therefore imperative that all the entities that send you mail regularly are informed of the change.

Here are some of the places that you should ensure your address is changed when you move.

The DMV 

The department of motor vehicles should be informed of the change. This is so that they can also update the information on your driver's license, ID card, registration and vehicle title.

The change with the DMV can be done in person at your local DMV office, online through the official DMV website or through a third party website or via mail. The process can be daunting for some since some forms need to be filled out. The choice of the method to use however depends on what works best for you.

The IRS 

The other very important agency to notify is the internal revenue service. You do not want to miss all the essential communication from the IRS about your taxes. The change of address should also be done for the children who have filed income tax returns. The form however also updates the information for the spouse as well.

Subscription Sites 

Subscription sites have made it easy for people to get things they need after a given duration maybe weekly, fortnightly, monthly, etc. These could include items such as magazines, books, tickets, diapers, and so many others.

Subscriptions sites work by automatically charging the items on your card and sending them to your address. They should, therefore, be informed of any USPS change address, so all the details are sent to you.


Whether your bank is an online one or a physical one, they should be informed of your physical location so that all the essential communication like bank statements, chequebooks, and others can be sent to the right address. Also, your chequebooks should read the updated address all the time.

Utility Bills

Most of the utility service providers like electricity, water, telephone, and others do send paper bills to your address. The USPS will send the mail automatically to your new address, but the service providers should be informed of the change. If the move is too different states, you might even need to change the service providers.

Credit Card Companies 

credit card companies also send essential communication via mail like statements and other information. It is, therefore, necessary that they are informed of the move, so you never miss out on any connection.

Insurance Companies

All the insurance companies for the different policies that you have including health insurance, homeowners insurance, renters insurance and others should be informed of the change in address so that the documents will always get to your mail.

Other vital entities to inform include; websites where you place orders online like Amazon, crowdfunding sites, US department of transportation, and others.