Blogging Money Map
The reality is every blogger needs money in many ways, don't take it seriously when you hear some bloggers say they don't want to put advertising or ads on their blogs. They are using another way of Income, like Services,  Products, which we will elaborate on later. 

One of the biggest misconceptions most bloggers have about monetizing blogs is that they have to do it in one of a handful of ways. The reality is that there are many ways to make money from blogs.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, ProBlogger, for creating the "Blogging Money Map" in blogging. Now I will put it into more little peace and give some recommendations for proven sources of Income in blogging. I will disclose all secrets most top bloggers don't tell you about. Please take line by line as it will be a  part of the making.

7 Main Ways to Make Money in Blogging that makes 7 ways.

1. Affiliate
2. Advertising
3. Products
4. Services
5. Continuity programs
6. Selling/flipping blogs
7. Another indirect method

1. Affiliate Income

There are two types of affiliate marketing I will be talking about here Networks (36) and individual programs (37).  

What is Affiliate Marketing?

You partner with the company that sells a product or service you'd like to recommend. As their partner, you are their affiliate(sometimes an associate, partner, internet marketer, or affiliate marketer). You have a blog, website, email list, or other online presence where people listen to what you say.

As an affiliate marketer, you promote someone else's product or service in a post or elsewhere. You link to that product or service using your unique affiliate link. You earn a commission when someone clicks through that link and makes a purchase (or completes a desired action set by the company).

My Top High paying Affiliate Marketing

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  • Genesis WordPress Free Themes 
  • Theme-junkie WordPress Free Themes 
  • Themify WordPress Free Themes

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  • Bluehost hosting 
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  • wp engine hosting(Apply here) 
  • a2hosting hosting (
  • Dreamhost hosting 

Recommended Best SEO Tools + Plugins

  • Long tail pro 
  • SEO power suite
  • Kontent machine
  • Revive old post pro 

2. Advertising Income

Whenever someone talks about monetization, the first thing to mind is Google AdSense. And while there's nothing particularly wrong with that—it is, after all, the world's largest ad network, to sit on the assumption that AdSense can't be outdone by anyone isn't wise.

While you need decent traffic to do a direct deal with advertisers, there are ad networks (like Google AdSense) that act as a middleman and enable smaller publishers to run ads on their blogs. This is where many bloggers start (I did too).

Here are a few networks that you must check out in 2023
1. Adsterra Network
2. Revcontent
3. Infolinks 
5. Adblade
6. Revenue Hits
7. Undertone
8. BidVertiser
9. Vibrant Media
10. Clicksor
12. Creafi Online Media
13. Epom Market
14. Media Nexus
15. Haxhax
16. PropellerAds (Recommended if your traffic is too low 
17. BlogAds
18. PulsePoint
19. Conversant (ValueClick Media)
20. AdCash
21. Chitika
22. Tribal Fusion (acquired by Exponential)
23. WWW Promoter
24. PopAds (Recommended if your traffic is too low)
26. Adversal 

3. Products Income 

While I started making money from my blogs through advertising and affiliate promotions today, my #1 source of Income is selling eBooks and courses on my blogs. These 'virtual products take work 'o create but have been lucrative for many other bloggers and me.

Products can take many forms and income virtual information products like eBooks or courses and other virtual products like software, reports, etc.

The other type of product some bloggers sell is physical products. This is most common when the blogger has a business, but sometimes bloggers also create merchandise (T-shirts, etc.) or other tangible products to sell.

4. Continuity Programs Income 

A continuity program is when you set up a subscription for readers to buy that gives them access to something exclusive. A reader pays you a monthly or annual fee for access to some combination of the following:
  • Exclusive content
  • Community area/forum
  • Coaching/mentoring/mastermind group
  • other benefits like access to products, services, software

5. Services Income 

Think of this like freelancing. If you have a skill (who doesn't?), wdoesn'toffer your service(s) via the internet (a.k.a. virtually)? It does not have to be computer related. Think of ways to use your existing skills in your favor and put them online.
  • Administrative Assistant
  • App Developer
  • Audio/Video Editor
  • Coach
  • Concierge/Personal Assistant
  • Consultant
Cook – This isn't utterlisn'ttual as you would have to deliver food, but you could still use the internet to get exposure. 
Designer – Check out Minted's DesMinted'slenge for a place to start.
Digital Freelancer – Pick a task you can do quickly that others "will get ar" and to someday." For example," digitizing their boxes of photos.
  • Photo Editor
  • Project Manager
  • Social Media Manager
  • Software Writer
  • Speaker
  • Trainer
  • Transcriptionist
  • Tutor
Visioneer – Have people send pictures of their room/house/yard and offer suggestions for improvement. Post before & after photos on your blog.
Web Builder – If you've set up your own site, contact local brick & mortar businesses to see if you can set up theirs. Barter services to get your feet wet, gain experience and build a portfolio.
Web Developer
Writer – The advantage of writing for other sites is that you get to be a part of something that's alreathat'sablished. Also, you don't have don't about the technical aspects of running and maintaining your own site. Keep your ears peeled for contributor opportunities. You could start by guest posting.
Direct Income – when I started making money from my blogs, it was through 'direct' income streams. I put AdSense ads on my blog and promoted some products on Amazon as an affiliate, and the more readers I had, the more income began to trickle in (it really was a trickle at first). As my traffic grew, this Income grew, and I could also experiment with other direct forms of payment, such as selling advertising directly to advertisers.

Indirect Income – Later in my blogging journey, the opportunity has come for 'indirect' income streams. As my blogs and profile grew due to my blogging, I could sell my services as a speaker and consultant and was offered the opportunity to author a book with the publisher Wiley. Later I could start an event for bloggers, which also made money. None of this income came directly from the blog – but instead, it came 'because' of my blog.'

While I make money, blogging combines direct and indirect Income, and many bloggers focus on one or the other.