Keyword Research
Keywords are definitely the backbone for enjoying a desirable google rank in the various searches. These are the words which help your website to reach out to potential customers and in turn generate more leads and sales. Thus keyword research is one of the significant steps that need to be done meticulously in the process of launching a website. This is definitely a very tricky task and needs to be done cleverly, some of these hacks can get you your group of appropriate keywords;

Using more specific word phrase:

Ruling out the usage of generalized keywords are never suggested. But while deciding upon your keywords, make sure that you are also including 'long tailed keywords' which helps in narrowing down the search for any client. These long tailed keywords or longer keywords puts forth the contents of your page or site more prominently. For instance, 'baby coveralls' displays all types and sizes of coveralls but 'green spotted baby coveralls' gets to the client a particular set of products.

Opting for ‘buy now’ keywords:

Whether long or short just do not insert random keywords but rather pick out sale-oriented keywords. These keywords are normally searched to purchase something or the other, for example, some service or others of the same. 'Buy Now' keywords normally are not into driving in massive traffic as others might do, but definitely, these keywords work in coming up with more leads and sales.

Setting on product-based words:

Thirdly comes in the placing of product aimed keywords. These are kind of those frequently searched common products like 'cheap', 'stylish', 'big', etc. or in few cases brand names or companies or services which they might be thinking to purchase. The basic trick is if they arrive at your site or page via these keywords and find the product enticing, they might be quite willing to purchase it.

Majorly selecting descriptive keywords:

Descriptive keywords can just turn casual browsing into a heavy purchase. These keywords help a customer by informing him or her about some process or maybe some service etc. like for instance 'the best way to write a blog' or 'how to open a page in Facebook', etc. In such cases, you can go ahead and ask them their email ids so that reaching to them becomes easier in future.

Trying to avoid various bunker words:

Last but not the least never make the mistake of saturating your page or website with unnecessary words and keywords. Especially bunker words like ‘free’, ‘download’, etc. These are such words which do not in any way help your website in progress. Hence always try to do away with such words or replace them with more meaningful and searched keywords.


Besides these listed rules, there are certainly many more ways to get to the best list of keywords. But then these five are no doubt the most basic and at the same time the most fundamental ones to be followed. They are the foolproof and repeatedly experimented ones which are majorly used during the initial methods. It has been thus seen that for beginners following these five guidelines while constructing a website has proven quite beneficial.