Partner Lies

One of the foundations of relationships is honesty, and when your partner lies to you, it can feel like a betrayal. There are many reasons that people lie, including people-pleasing, wanting to avoid reality, and more, but lying is never acceptable in a romantic relationship, and here's why; the foundation of a relationship is based on truth, honesty, and respect. When you lie to your partner, you're not respecting them. Lying includes being unfaithful, having emotional or physical affairs, and being deceitful in any way. We're not talking about white lies like "I took out the garbage" or "I brushed my teeth" when you didn't, but more severe lies are unacceptable should not be tolerated.

Lying through omission

Most people think of lying as only something that isn't true, but there's also something called lying through omission. Lying through omission is when you don't tell the truth by withholding information. If you don't disclose information that affects the other person or that they have the right to for any reason, that is a lie, and lies hurt people. They show disrespect in a romantic relationship. If you want to be close with someone, you need to be honest with them so that they can trust you and know what you're all about because that's how you get and stay intimate with someone in a romantic relationship.


Infidelity is one of the most hurtful kinds of lies. When you're unfaithful to your partner and cheat on them with another person, whether it's an emotional or physical affair, that is a horrible experience for both of you once it's found out; not the mention the impact it has on the rest of the family. It can be a dangerous lie. If you have unprotected sex with someone and you're also still involved with your partner, you're putting them at risk. That's not okay. If you notice that you're having trouble in your relationship be honest with your partner and say: "I don't think this is working out," or "let's go to couples counseling." couples counseling can be an excellent place to discuss some of these issues surrounding the intimacy that you're having problems with. Whether you're talking to someone online or in your local area, couples counseling is a perfect place to talk about these issues.

Telling the truth isn't always easy

Sometimes, some things are awkward about relationships. Maybe, you don't want to face the truth or are having trouble telling the truth in a relationship, and that's okay. That's something you can discuss with a close friend, or it's something you can open up about in individual therapy. You can talk about why it's so challenging to confront your partner about these issues. Maybe, their breath doesn't smell so good, or perhaps it's something more profound, like feeling like they're ignoring you. You don't want to lie about it, but one of the biggest lies we tell ourselves is that a relationship is okay when it's not, and we don't want to do that in a romantic partnership because you want a sustainable, healthy relationship with someone that you love who loves you back, because love is unconditional.

Couples counseling

Couples counseling is a great place to discuss truthfulness and how your relationship can sustain itself if you're honest with the other person. You don't need to treat someone disrespectfully or lie to your partner, and you don't want them to lie to you. So work on being truthful in couples counseling so that you can feel respected and your partner can feel that way as well. Whether you and your partner are seeing a couples counselor online like the ones at or in your local area, you can learn to be honest with each other. Respect is an integral part of an intimate relationship, and you deserve to be loved and treated well.