Nowadays, love and relationships are a trip to outer space. Nowadays, people are lower standards, morals, and value all to continue a relationship. Nowadays, love and relationships are built on elements that are far removed from unconditional love. Today passion derives from Agape, which is a form of pornographic commitments.

Agape love started before Christ walked the earth. Agape love is a wide-open relationship, leaving room for wonder and wandering. Most people today claim to love each other by basing their relationship on a forced trust. Thus, the couple joins together engaging in sexual relations without learning about the person’s personality type or behaviour patterns and later in the relationship the couple find out there are not compatible or else one or the other cheats and the relationship ends without belittling words trailing as the couple depart.

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Unconditional love is rare, but it does exist. Many people think of unconditional love as a type of Agape love. However, unconditional love is the opposite. When a person seeks unconditional love, they will learn a person’s behaviour, background, personality type and other details before giving their body over to the mate. The person will seek out a person that is compatible or else joins in similar activities. For example, a mate searching for unconditional love may search for someone that adheres to the same beliefs that he or she does.

Unconditional love does not brag. It does not get puffed up with pride, and it will not harm the person it loves. Nowadays, we see couples boasting, or puffing up their personality with dignity, which later tears down the relationship.

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Today, love and relationships are getting in the way of life, since many people are fed up with the missing elements that make up a good connection. The world is moving fast toward failure, and relationships are catching up. Nowadays, the media as placed love in the pockets of pornography, thus couples often join with the intent of satisfying desires.

To make a relationship work a couple needs true worship, trust, and functional elements that compose a relationship. The couple needs to place media in its place by dismissing the bad and adhering to the good. Thus, watching pornographic material, violent pictures, or nudity is not working to make a relationship work. A good man or woman will dismiss any of this material and focus on enjoyable activities throughout the link. Sex will be in its place, and togetherness will move ahead.

If you think about it, nowadays women are saying “why should I spend my life with one man,” at the same time men are saying the same. Thus, we see morals, standards and values downgrading.

Spending a lifetime with someone you love should be a joy, not a burden. If you are married the vows clearly state through “thickness and thin, better or worse until death do us part.” Thus, the rules of divorce should only apply if adultery is involved or death occurs. If a person is abused in a relationship, then separation is necessary with divorce following, since no one has the right to hurt another individual and an individual does not have to tolerate or promote abusiveness