Malaysian Road Trip

With more than 144,403 kilometers of roads, Malaysia can be considered as one of the best Southeast Asian countries to have an epic road trip. Stretches of picturesque views await the adventurous who choose to go around the country by car. But it can be easy to make several travel mistakes while doing the road trip as a first-time traveler if you will not do your research. Here are the things that you need to do for a fool-proof Malaysian road trip adventure.

Basic Malaysian Traffic Rules

Driving around Malaysia is not exactly challenging, since you can easily find the country's basic road rules online. The required speed limit on major highways is 110 kilometers per hour, but those driving in the passing lane can do at least 120 kilometers per hour or faster. Like most Southeast Asian countries, Malaysian roads and automobiles follow the British system where the steering wheel is placed on the right side of the vehicle. You need to stick to your left lane if you are not in a hurry to avoid being tailgated. You will be reminded to stick on the left side with the road signs written in Malay that say "I cut Kiri" which means "Stay Left." If you are coming from a country that uses a left-handed car and planning to drive around Malaysia, then you must avail of comprehensive car insurance to lessen your expenses in case of emergency.

Toll And Parking Meter Fees

For a smooth-sailing road trip, you can opt to pay your toll at the booths that accept Touch 'n Go cards. This prepaid card that works like the EZ Pass in the US can be brought and reloaded at all gas stations all over the country. This simple hack can lessen the time that you will spend lining up at the major tollgates. If you need to park your car, expect to pay 0.80 Malaysian Ringgit per hour based on the city rates.

Assess If Your Car Is Roadworthy

Before driving across the Malaysian peninsula, you need to make sure that the car that you will use is safe for driving. If you are using a rental car, always ask the company to have the vehicle checked first by a qualified mechanic. You also have to be assured that the car's transmission, engine oil, brake fluid, and power steering fluid has been refilled. The tire treads and pressure must also be properly inspected. You also need to check if there are any emergency tools inside the compartment in case of any unwanted incidents. The emergency kit must contain a torch or a flashlight, a tire gauge, work gloves, and jumper cables.

Keep in mind that you need to be physically ready for your long drive. Make sure that you are well rested before your scheduled road trip so you will stay awake while driving the car. If possible, ask someone to take charge of the driving duties while you are resting. You also need to check if you have the necessary international driver's license and other proper IDs with you all the time. Finally, always keep your eye on the road no matter how tempting it is to marvel at the awesome views that you will pass by as you explore Malaysia to prevent any road accidents.