Having human mechanisms to compose love and relationships determines how a link will stand. To learn or to make love and relationships work we must learn to use the tools of human nature that enforces substantial grounds. Thus, the elements compose love are, self-control, long-suffering, communication, faithfulness, loyalty, honesty, trust, love, modesty, maturity, faith, dreams, respect, intelligence, hope, et cetera. To help you learn, I will break down the elements briefly defining the meaning of love.

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Self-control is one of the human mechanisms that enforce long-suffering, loyalty, honesty, openness, et cetera. In relationships, couples make a commitment to one another, which is a promise that both will work to make the link work by doing their part. Self-control consists of exercising patience while avoiding strikeouts. In other words, the person will not act out on emotions, impulses or desires throughout their commitment. This mechanism will halt adultery, arguments, violence while minimising mistakes.

Long-suffering is similar since self-control must prove faithful throughout the relationship. Long-suffering means that a person will not allow room for immaturity during the trial of the link. Long-suffering is endurance, which means that when troubles come along the two of you will work together to resolve the problems. Thus, endurance backs performance and determines how you will stand during adversities or hardships.

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Communication is the key ingredient that makes love work, businesses to produce productiveness, friendships to last, et cetera. The connection is not always verbal, rather good communication skills require to listen, hearing, understanding, compassion, et cetera. Communication will also need a verbal response while exercising patience and self-control. The thoughts must surpass the emotional reaction to make communication work effectively.

Faithfulness is a steadfast human mechanism that illustrates affection and loyalty. When a person joins in relationships the commitment lays the foundation for fidelity. Thus the parties involved are stating I will demonstrate loyalty throughout our commitment. True love will not lie or else commit fornication outside of the relationship.

Loyalty is fidelity, in that the person will hold true to faithfulness and remain honest throughout the relationship. Thus, loyal souls make no room for connections outside the arrangement to come in and destroy the commitment.

Honesty is more complicated to define since nowadays people often believe they have their own level and out views of the term. Honesty is making statements with evidence to back the words. Thus, morality is straightforward, chaste, sincere, and upholds integrity. Honesty supports true beliefs and productiveness of actions, words, behaviours, et cetera.

Trust is an earned element of love. If one partner is acting, inappropriately bright room for trust to move in is lacking. Belief is strength, confidence, loyalty, respect and honesty. When faith is lacking in a relationship, it is evident that someone in the relationship is not fulfilling their part, or something in the character of the mate requires the mechanism that allows room for trust. Thus, faith is not a demand; instead, it is learned and earned trait.

Modesty is a freedom of the elements that break down the relationships, including conceit or vanity. Thus, boisterous relationships often fail, since vanity overrides the human factors that make love grow. Therefore, emptiness, valueless thinking, and pride often lead to harmful intent. Modesty also includes acting out inappropriately, or else engaging in entertainment or activities that are against love and relationship arrangements.

Maturity bases thinking on slow consideration while focusing on problems, or otherwise. Relationships often fail since maturity is often lacking when communication, decisions, or issues are in review.

Respect is also a learning and earning process, somewhat if one partner is disrespecting the other by violating the mechanism that composes love, thus how can the person be expected to respect the other. Therefore, respect requires consideration, communication, and other human devices, since it is a process.

Dreams going in separate directions and distance apart will often cause harm to a relationship. The family is the original concept of love and bond with each member having their role in the arrangement.

Intelligence, hope and faith are apparent elements that compose love, since without knowledge, communication will fail, and without hope and faith, love will die.