Dream Home
Dream Home

Theysay your home is your castle, and it is undeniable that any house should be a sanctuary for you and your family. It is your space to relax, unwind and truly be yourself. It is where you will experience your private moments and celebrations, your successes and failures, and can cry without worrying about what you look like. The importance of your home means that it is essential to design and finish it to suit your tastes so that you feel comfortable and secure and enjoy your surroundings.

Here are our top tips for designing and creating your dream home to ensure cozy and safe surroundings for all the family.

Don’t Follow Fashion

As with anything in life, interior design goes through trends and styles, and it is easy to feel you have to keep up with these. To help your house feel like home, however, it is important that you choose the decor which is personal and individual to you, not an obscure magazine or Pinterest post. These sources can be a great way to get inspiration if you are feeling stuck, but copying the design detail for detail can result in a somewhat soulless, cold impact. Make sure that the overall look is authentic and genuine by only copying trends you genuinely love.

If you’re really stuck, you could also call in the help of Reward Homes house designs.They can help you tailor the look of your property to your needs inside and out.

Make It Personal

Similarly, it is important to finish off any design by adding a touch of your personality and interests. This can include photos or significant artwork, or adding a glimpse of what you love with a bright cushion, eye-catching rug, or unique ornament. If you are a fan of music, maybe there is a patterned or themed item which you can use to express this or use colours and designs to express your preference. By adding touches of yourself to the overall look, you will feel more relaxed and able to enjoy the space.

Make It Comfortable

There is no point in living in an immaculately presented show home if you don't feel comfortable in every aspect. From picking comfortable furniture to softening hard edges, making sure your home is somewhere you can live comfortably is an important factor to consider. This consideration includes being thoughtful about layout and where items are arranged; do you read while sprawled on the couch? Perhaps a bookcase close by would be an ideal arrangement. Prefer eating breakfast overlooking the garden? Plan this into the layout of your kitchen or dining room furniture. If you need a lamp to help you sleep at night, arrange your bedroom with a quirky bedside unit to facilitate this. Again, don’t be afraid to break the rules—this is your home, and it should work to suit your lifestyle. 

Have Fun!

Interior design can sometimes feel like arduous work, so take the stress out by having fun, being creative, and filling your home with what you love.