Dream Home
Dream Home
Whether you are a seasoned homebuyer looking for your next project, or a fresh-faced newbie to the scene, buying a new property is exciting –even if stressful—experience. It starts with finding the best company to help you. Estate agents and sellers, such as NoCo House Buyers LLC will all be on hand to help you with your choice. There are also a variety of other factors to bear in mind. To help alleviate the stress, we have put together a list of some of the top aspects to consider when shopping for your ideal property.

Where Do You Need To Be?

Location is a primary factor in deciding where to move and will depend highly on your circumstances. Are you changing jobs or relocating to a different office, or do you need to stay close to schools, workplaces, and family members? Are you happy to stay in the same area, but need an extra bedroom or a larger garden? Perhaps, you are you looking for a totally new adventure, in a brand new area?

The latter will give you more options, as you can afford to be more flexible and adaptable in finding your new house. If you are restricted by location, you may have to make compromises to facilitate this. 

Do You Want To Do Any Work?

There are pros and cons to buying a house which requires you to complete additional work. On the plus side, you’re likely to secure a home for a much cheaper rate, and this may enable you to buy in a more upmarket or desirable neighbourhood.

You will also have the opportunity to design and finish the house to your exact tastes and specifications, and create a truly unique, personalized space. On the downside, you may end up spending far more money than expected on renovations and repairs, and this can quickly turn into a black hole which shows no sign of ending. In addition, a fixer-upper can be hard work, especially if you are living on site, and can put a strain on your work life, relationship, and stress levels.

What Are Your Priorities?

Ultimately, every house move and purchase involves a re-evaluation of your priorities. You are very unlikely to find a property which ticks every single one of your boxes. While they do exist, they are usually way out of even the very top end of your budget. Instead, you will need to be prepared to make compromises and sacrifices. An excellent way to do this is to create a list of everything you are looking for in our dream house— don’t hold back. This may include parking facilities, a large garden, an extra space for an office or study, an additional bathroom, or a garage.

Once this is complete, rewrite the list in order of priority, starting with the absolute non-negotiables. This will help you to determine what you truly value and will make your search easier. You will be able to focus on what is essential and be able to compromise on specific areas.