Property crowdfunding is a form of investing where investors are allowed to buy a share in a house.
Property Crowdfunding
In return, investors earn a proportion of the rental income or any increase therein of the house value. It is an easy alternative against buying to let which in turn removes the hassle of being a landlord.

Statistics show that millennial makeup over 50 percent of people investing in property crowdfunding. It's likely you will find 18-30y year-olds making property investments even with the assumptions that they have little disposable income.

Also, the ages between 31-45 years make up 25 percent, 46-60 years at a 12 percent investment rate and the 60+ years range in 6 percent of investors.

We discovered through recent surveys how crowdfunding is seen by young property investors own properties. In the case study, many millennials admitted to using a deposit for a house or rainy day and some to use inheritance money more productively.

Over half of the investors interviewed were the age of 30 and under. Millennials are slowly taking the reins of investing in property through crowdfunding, according to the report, the majority of shareholders are millennials.

From the case studies below you can see millennials are slowly breaking the labels around them on finances and savings.
Case studies

Gillian, a 25-year-old Ph.D. student already earns interest from her investment. Instead of using up her inheritance to live large, she decided to get into property crowdfunding.

According to her, the decision was simply to help her manage her finances better, and property investing was one. For her crowdfunding offered a six percent return on her capital investment with money coming in every month.

Property crowdfunding offers a unique opportunity to investors with access to properties and floor plans to choose from in terms of investing.

In her experience, she describes the investment as user-friendly and easy to understand. In addition to high returns the investors get returns even if the property is not yet fully funded.

Joe at the tender age of 19 is already getting his feet wet in property crowdfunding, with an initial investment of £465. As a music student, his goal is a grand piano that costs thousands of pounds; investing in crowdfunding puts him closer to his dream.

According to him the first returns on his first investment were encouraging and pushed him to put more cash into property crowdfunding.

Millennials are the most active investors in property crowdfunding. It offers an alternative investment for many people and increases your property portfolio in a simple, rewarding formula.

The financial rewards in crowdfunding are highly lucrative, and in this digital era it's an easy sign-up and invest platform. If you are a digital nomad, it takes one to two minutes to spend using your debit or credit card.

Success stories

Success stories

Some property crowdfunding companies offer returns to investors in the first month of investing and provide investment opportunities on previously off-market properties that still yield strong returns.

Statistics don't lie, and forecasts show an average investment of £1,000 pounds will see investors earn a 52 percent increase on investment. For that amount, investors could gain a more than £500 increase over five years with a return of £1,521.

Wrapping up

Investing in property is risky, and at times the returns on your capital are not guaranteed. Crowdfunding offers an opportunity for small and big investors to get involved in projects.

As an investor, you can spread your risks by investing in different properties through crowdfunding platforms. But in every investment opportunity do your due diligence through proper research on dos and don’ts of the property investment.

Finally, consult a certified capital investor to guide you across the platform and advice on the best investments for your capital. Property crowdfunding is an excellent option for millennials it offers little to no paperwork and it’s easy to get involved.

It’s also a unique opportunity for millennials to grow their property portfolio. Remember crowdfunding is a long term investment, it’s not easy to liquidate and might take some time, but also offers short term investment opportunities or the option to sell shares.

Besides, investment is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Therefore, it is important to consult with an expert.

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