Design Material
More and more homeowners are looking to get the most out of their living space, including creating, improving, and/or expanding outdoor areas like patios and decks.

This is a great way to create more outdoor living areas, which gives homeowners places to gather, barbecue, enjoy a drink, and socialize outside of the home.

Adding these types of elements to your outdoor areas can also increase your home’s value while simultaneously giving you more space to enjoy your property on a regular basis. The American Institute of Architects conducts an annual survey in which, for the last eight years or so, homeowners continually rank the outdoor space "as an important" area of the home.

However, patios, decks, and other outdoor areas are diverse, with many options and designs. You’ll need to answer several questions before deciding to build a new patio or improve an existing one.

But whether you want a larger area for entertaining or just a simple patio where you can sit and enjoy your morning cup of coffee, there are several design materials you can choose from.

These depend on your needs, of course, and should be selected individually.

Some of the newest and most popular design materials for patios include:


Stone is increasingly popular as a material for patios in the United States, and there are always new designs.

Stone products are more environmentally friendly and can seamlessly fit into your home setting. Popular types of residential patios include slate, bluestone, and limestone.

Natural stone can easily fit into any setting because of its natural look and durability. However, stone materials can be expensive, so take this into consideration when deciding on what products to use for your backyard patio.


Paver patios are growing in popularity every year because they can mimic brick or natural stone but at a lower cost. They also come in various shapes and colors, adding more constantly.

Pavers can also be extremely easy to install, with some even having interlocking joints. These joints aid in adding stability to the patio and are made so that anyone can install them on their own.


Okay, this doesn’t exactly fall under the “new” category. Still, we’re mentioning it here anyway because it continues to be a popular choice for patios in the United States and really around the world.

Concrete is easy to pour and can be formed into pretty much any size or shape, thus its popularity. Its versatility is really only limited by your imagination, as concrete allows you to create a patio that is both hard and durable and requires very little maintenance.

You may not want to use concrete if your patio is on top of sewer or electrical lines. If those lines need access, you’ll probably have to replace much or even all of your patio once the repair job is complete.


New designs of tiles are created and introduced every year, leading to the product's growing popularity in patio design.

Tiles come in various styles and can easily create a smooth transition from home to outdoor patio. They can also help you to create a backyard oasis that is as visually appealing as it is functional.

The colors, styles, and designs of tiles are plentiful, thus giving you many options to choose from during the planning process. So, let your imagination go wild if you’re using tiles to create or improve your outdoor living space.


Brick has been around for a long time, but new innovations designed for patios and decks give you greater flexibility and durability.

Bricks used for patios are especially fired, which makes them less porous and more appropriate for use in an area designed for outdoor living space.

Bricks are no longer red but come in other colors, including tan, black, and several other shades. You can also use bricks to create exciting and eye-catching designs in your patio area, so use your imagination and see what you come up with.

Brick designs can add formal elegance to your outdoor living space, but just ensure they’re installed evenly and easy to walk on. This will make life on your patio much more enjoyable for you, your family members, and your invited guests.