Chicago O’Hare Airport

Traveling overseas is terrific— but the stress of navigating your way through the airport can put a major downer on the start of your vacation.

With that in mind, here are some tips and tricks to help you easily sail through ORD Airport.

1. Travel apps

Apps make the ultimate travel companions, so make sure your smartphone or tablet is full of them.

AndMyTSA is particularly useful as it answers the most common airport-related questions — for example, use it to find out how busy ORD is likely to be on the day of your flight or how long the queues are at security. You can learn more about this terrific travel app on the TSA website.

2. Turn left

Since most people are right-handed, they’re most likely to turn right at the security checkpoint, leaving fewer people in the left-hand queue.

Why not put this theory to the test? – you’ve nothing to lose and might gain more pre-flight relaxation time.

3. Explore the airport

There are many great amenities for travelers to use at ORD, so have fun and explore.

To relax your body and mind for the flight ahead, check out the yoga at Terminal 3, or alternatively, chill in the aeroponic garden and tuck into some of the tasty veg grown there. For more information on ORD facilities, check out the official website.

4. Bring spare bags

Airport security rules require you to put any liquids in your hand luggage into clear plastic bags, and it’s a good idea to bring spares in case of mishaps.

But better yet, pack your fluids into plastic bags at home so you’ve one less thing to worry about at security.

5. Find airport parking in advance

Save yourself some serious dollars by booking your airport parking in advance.

Sites such as offer early-bird deals on parking at O’Hare Airport – with plenty of valet and park-and-ride options available.

6. Personalize your luggage

If you’ve opted for the bog-standard black suitcase that most vacationers have – personalize it. Try tying a brightly colored ribbon around the handle so your luggage stands out at baggage collection.

7. Pack dry snacks

Avoid extortionate food costs at the airports by bringing your own snacks. And whether they’re chips, candies or cereal bars, pack plenty.

Pre-packed snacks help you avoid unnecessary expenses and a rumbling stomach.

8. Bring a light scarf or jumper

The airport and plane are often cold, so bring a scarf or light jumper to avoid catching a chill.

And if it’s too warm for a scarf or jumper, you can always use them as a pillow or back support for added comfort on your flight.

With these eight super hacks, your next visit to ORD will be a breeze.

What are your favorite airport hacks?