Owning a pet is a responsibility; one that is extremely rewarding and one that can make you feel very loved as well. If you own a pet, your whole life may revolve around it, and you might find yourself making a lot of decisions keeping your pet in mind. For a lot of pet owners who are furnishing or building a house, this is no different. A lot of the choices might automatically become out of the question depending on what sort of pet you have.

It can be quite tricky navigating the world of furniture and home d├ęcor while keeping your pet’s needs and habits in mind. For that very reason, here is a guide of all the kinds of things you have to look out for when you own a pet:

1. Dark and light colours on furniture

In case your pets are light coloured or dark coloured, you might want to change the colouring of your furniture accordingly. This is because most pets, regardless of breed, shed some amount of fur which can end up everywhere in the house, including the sofas and couches.

It is always best to keep the colouring of the furniture in mind before purchasing it because it is very possible that you might be cleaning up a lot of hair off of it.

2. Placement and interior decoration

Your pet will require a bed or a place that is designated for them. If you have a cat, you may also require a designated place in which you will need to put the litter box. Keeping both of these things in mind while furnishing the house or redecorating is extremely important because both of these things need to have set place which does not clash or interfere with the interior or the furniture.

3. Materials used for wallpaper and furniture

Cats and some dogs can often be a bit rough on the furniture, especially if it is made of a material such as leather. Even though leather furniture looks incredibly chic, it is often tough to maintain if you own a cat. Cats naturally have an instinct to scratch materials like leather to clean their nails. If your wallpaper is made of a material such as that or if your furniture has leather, chances are that your cat will take that to mean that it is a scratching post.

To avoid issues such as these, it is always a good idea to invest in artistic scratching posts that can make sure your cat does not ruin your furniture, and that also look good with the rest of your interior.

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