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The World's most Beautiful 'Undiscovered' Islands

Visiting a bustling city may be up some people’s allies, but let’s be honest, many more prefer escaping to a beautiful island - especially one that’s exclusive and away from tourist hotspots.

Here are the world’s most beautiful ‘undiscovered’ islands:

Virgin Gorda, Virgin British Islands

Virgin Gorda is a Caribbean island and forms part of the British Virgin Islands, and being eight square miles, it’s the third largest of the group. White-sand beaches nearby include Spring Bay and Devil’s Bay, plus Savannah Bay farther north. In the island’s mountainous north, trails lead up Gorda Peak to a lookout tower with views of the scattered surrounding islets.

Though this island was recognized in the 1970s as a good tourist spot, it still isn't buzzing with tourists and has been left fairly ‘untouched’ - if you will, giving it a pleasant intimacy. Virgin Gorda itself is made of diverse landscapes and some areas are a lot more ‘built up’ than most islands. In fact, in some parts, it doesn’t really feel as though you are on an island.

There are business districts on the one side, hills, valleys and desolate landscapes on the other, and then of course, beaches that stretch for miles teemed with a laid-back island feel of the promenades and beach cafes. It also has a mountainous interior, with the island going from sea level to about 1,400 feet at its highest peak.

One of the main attractions in the whole of the British Virgin Islands—"The Bath"—is located here. Virgin Gorda is accessible via small plane or ferry, and the easiest route is via San Juan in the Caribbean. It is well worth the trip, especially for those who enjoy traveling off the beaten track, and those who value places which offer a degree of exclusivity. Typical activities including sailing, fishing, snorkeling, and scuba diving - just a few more reasons to take the trip!

Thanda Island

Thanda Island is a slice of heaven situated just off the coast of Tanzania, Africa. It’s an island surrounded by crystal clear waters, and what makes it extra special is that it’s a luxury private island resort.

This means the island only has one ultra exclusive and an ultra luxurious manor house with a limited number of rooms. The guests staying on the island at any given time are the only ones there, which also means Thanda Island is a crowd-free zone. It’s where nature, luxury, exclusivity, and relaxation collide and for this very reason, it has to be one of the greatest islands on earth.

What’s more; the activities are so extraordinary that it’s hard to believe a place like this even exists. From swimming with whale sharks to learning how to sail; doing yoga on the beach during sunset and playing tennis during sunrise - it’s a place only dreams are made of.

Bequia, Barbados

Bequia is part of a collection of 32 islands west of Barbados and is the second largest of the group, however, it is still only 7 square miles in size. Most of the population resides either in the capital, Port Elizabeth, or Paget Farm. The Island, though exquisite, has remained relatively unspoiled and undiscovered, and the reason may be the difficulty in travel.

If you wish to visit you will have to land in Barbados since there is no international airport in Bequia. From Barbados, you will then need to catch a charter a flight to Bequia (which can often be pricey). There also aren't many hotels and resorts available, meaning you’ll need to plan fairly far in advance to secure a booking. But nevertheless, if you are looking for a quiet, but incredibly beautiful place to explore (and of course swim, snorkel, scuba dive and fish), don’t let the planning and traveling put you off. As they say, it’s all part of the journey - and an incredible one it will be!

Kefalonia, Greece

Kefalonia is an island in the Ionian Sea, west of mainland Greece. It's marked by sandy coves and dry rugged landscapes. Its capital, Argostoli, is built on a hillside overlooking a narrow harbor. Kefalonia's indented coastline is made up of limestone cliffs, bays and short strips of white sand. Many beaches are only accessible on foot or via narrow twisting roads.

The sapphire waters of the Ionian Sea welcome you to paradise. Kefalonia, Corfu, Zante, Lefkada, Ithaca, and Paxi. All of these holiday destinations are wonderful. The major islands of the Ionian lived for centuries under Venetian rule and it shows in their castles and churches. Carpeted with olive trees, pines, and vineyards, they are fertile and green, a stunning setting for their award-winning white-sand beaches and peacock-blue waters.

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