Have you ever cried your eyes out after discovering that your bike is stolen when locked up outside? If yes, Sarah Nguyen is pretty sure that you’ll need a complete guideline on how to lock a bike properly.

Locking a bike isn’t an easy task. This is what we know after several times of giving away 3 bikes for the “professional” bike stealers.

Today, after losing 3 bikes and learning from experience, we confidently jot down our guideline and tips. In this article, Just Not Sports will mention common mistakes when locking a bike.

And of course, correct techniques and tips to lock a bike properly are also revealed.

Now, let’s jump in!

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A complete guideline on how to lock a bike accurately

Lock your bike in the street

As you’ve already known, the street is a perfect place for thieves. In case you lock your bike cursorily, the burglar could easily pilfer your possession in just a second.

Luckily, Just Not Sports are here to help you pick up a safe place and precise technique to lock your bike.

A bike is locked by a durable and well-made bicycle lock
A bike is locked by a durable and well-made bicycle lock
Via: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/tex-lock/texlock-the-bike-lock-made-of-high-tech-textiles

Tip 1: Choose a bustling street

A bustling street is a haven for pickpockets. However, it isn’t an ideal place for bike stealer. Simply because carrying a bike is more effort-consuming and time-consuming.

Hence, you should pick up a busy street with numerous people walking past. It will be better if it is covered by CCTV. Crowded people and CCTV will make thieves nervous and highly watchful.

Additionally, you should lock your bike in a place where already had other locked bikes. Closing it in the middle of the bike line is advisable.

  • It’s hard to reach the bike which is in the middle of the line. A cursorily locked bike is much more tempting than a well-locked bike.
  • Secondly, a line of bikes crammed together won’t facilitate the stealers to “perform” their skills.
  • Lastly, yet importantly, the coming of other bike owners may disturb the stealers. 

Tip 2: Pick up an immovable object

As your bike is attached to a particular purpose. So remember to pick up a fixed object. For us, the Sheffield cemented into the ground is the most secure thing you can rely on.

Before locking your bike, don’t forget to check whether it is easy to dismantle or unscrew the object or not. If metal railings are your pick, you have to get the lock as many fences as possible.

Tip 3: Don’t give thieves any clue

Locking your bike near the cinema or leisure centre isn’t a clear decision. As when you do that, you’ll provide the thieves with an obvious clue that you might leave your bike for a while. And of course, they will take full advantage of this opportunity to steal your bike.

As a result, remember to lock your bike several streets away from the cinema or leisure centre.

Tip 4: Precautions are never redundant

It is also essential to take an extra lock when locking your car in a high theft or remote areas.
A line of locked bikes
A line of locked bikes
Via: https://o4uxrk33.com/wf2wbab8?key=b50ce9e253ba6b29f0ae61616ffc27d7&psid=03b23dc28d73bffd4e44c13b0bd652ab

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How to Lock Your Bike Accurately

Below are several useful tips that you should follow:

Tip 1: Lock your frame carefully

As I mentioned above, don’t forget to lock your frame to the fixed object. If you only attach the wheel with the purpose, a funny ending is waiting for you.

We laughed our heads off when discovering the thief take out the wheel and walk off with the best part of the bike. And we aren’t the only case. This situation happens daily.

Tip 2: Keep your lock away from the ground

One more important tip that Just Not Sports want to stress on: keep your lock off the field. If it’s on the ground, the stealer could use a hammer to spoil the lock.

Notably, avoid locking your bike around the top tube. As the stealer could use the frame, lift and twist the whole bike to break the lock. Perfectly the bolt must go high up around the seat tube or the down tube.

Tip 3: Make a difficult-to-approach lock

Make your lock as challenging to approach as possible. It is highly recommended to let the keyhole face downwards. By this way, it’s hard for the thieves to tamper or attack the lock with the locking mechanism.

Tip 4: For those using a U-lock: Fill as much of the space inside the U

If you make use of a U-lock, make sure there is no room inside it. The most preferred way to break the U-lock is inserting a bottle jack into the internal space. If there is no spare room in the U, the thieves aren’t able to use this technique.

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3 Easy-to-apply ways to lock a bike in the street

Below are the top 3 common and favourable ways to secure a bike in the road. Keep reading and pick out the most suitable one for you.

Lock your bike with two locks – double protection

What is more secure than giving your double bike protection? The first lock should be placed around the frame, bike rack, and black wheel. The second one should be attached around the frame, bike rack, and front wheel.

By this way, the frame is double protected. Both wheels are attached to the well-protect frame.

Furthermore, it is lucid to buy 2 types of bike locks. This is just because the thieves have to bring along 2 distinct sorts of lock breaking tools.

It will be time-consuming and effort-consuming. As a result, the thieves may bypass your bike and start looking for other cursorily locked bikes.

Remove the front wheel and lock 2 wheels together with one lock

It may be time-consuming, but it is worth to do. It ensures the frame and both wheels are carefully secured. You should buy a U-lock as it is large enough to lock 2 wheels together.

Lock your bike with a cable and a lock

Apart from using 2 locks, you could use a rope and a bolt instead. Thanks to the lightweight cable, you can save lots of weight over using 2 locks.
A little girl is riding her pink bike
A little girl is riding her pink bike
Via: https://www.thebikeline.com/

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Thief, Bye Bye!

In this ending, I have both good news and bad news for you guys. The good part is that congratulations, you’ve already known how to log your bike correctly. The sad part is that you still can’t completely protect your bike against bad boys out there.

As a well-locked bike doesn’t mean that it is 100% safe from the stealer, these “experts” out there are so professional and skilled. They could steal your bike whenever they want. No matter how to bustle the street is or how carefully you lock the bike.

In case you follow our step-by-step guideline and are lucky enough, your bike won’t be stolen. So good luck!

Hopefully, you find our article useful and in-time. Don’t hesitate to give it a thumb up. We would highly appreciate it.

In case there is anything unclear, please comment down below, Just Not Sports will answer as fast as possible. I wish you all the best.