Things that Bike Rental Customers Look for
 The cycling tourism over the entire globe has been observing a tremendous growth, and hence, things are much more promising than it used to be earlier for all the bike rental destinations. Many people prefer renting bikes for moving around a particular city so that they can save a lot of money. You cannot deny the fact that the bikes are becoming costly and it is preferable to rent them instead of purchasing them. If you own a bike rental shop, you need to have proper knowledge about what the customers are looking for. When you have an appropriate understanding of what the customers want, you will be able to serve them according to the things that they need. When your customers get a pleasant experience, they will end up reviewing your rental shop, and you will get more customers in the long run. However, you should be able to make your customers happy, and that is more important than anything else.

Given below is a list of the things that the customers are looking for from your bike rental service when they go for bike tour NYC.

An authentic experience

An authentic experience

A massive boom that the travel industry has seen recently is the growth of the experiential travel, and it is known to grow extremely fast with time. It is probably the best form of travelling in which the people are known to focus on a particular experience by focusing on the history, culture, and people of a specific place. Studies have revealed that the travellers are interested in spending on gathering experience instead of the material goods that are available in a particular destination. Health, wellness, events and culture, tourism and travel, are considered to be more critical in comparison to electronics, apparels, homes, or cars. This is the best news for the entire travel industry.

The bike rental destinations have been benefiting from this unique trend as they are providing the travellers with the local forms of transportation. The best thing that you can do to give an authentic experience to your customers is by including the bikes that are special and are confined to the area you are operating in. You can also provide tips for your customers regarding local events, routes, markets, or sights. You can give them detailed knowledge about the best places in your area that they should visit. You can also include the standard accessories with your bike like the baskets to help the customers with their shopping, trailers, or baby seats. If you are located close to a beach, you can also add parasols so that your customers can get the best of the local experiences.

A good value

A good value

You need to understand that there is a difference between the cheap and the excellent value. Customers will be willing to pay more money if they feel that it is going to add value to the experience that they are looking forward to gathering. Adding value to the highest possible bike tour, NYC is the best thing that the bike rental shops can do.

You should be experimenting with the pricing to understand what is going to work the best for you. Starting with high pricing and offering discounts like offers on booking is a great idea to attract more customers within a short period of time. You can distribute leaflets or organise campaigns when your business is running slow.

Proper communication

The travellers are known to spend a considerable amount of time researching the various kinds of travel arrangements that they are going to get, and they do not like spending more time than what is required. It is true that the travel plans are not only complicated but are also extremely time sensitive. This is why a timely and proper communication is vital and absolutely necessary for satisfying the customers.

The booking confirmation, delivery details, and pick up are considered to be a part of the regular rentals. In fact, you also need to take care of the changes if the customers require you to do so. When you are handing the bike to your customer, he will find out the necessary details regarding the bike to ensure that the experience will be positive and valuable. Therefore, timely and instant communication is mandatory.

The convenience of being on the street

Customers will love to hit the road as soon as possible. They will not like waiting in long lines to get the bike that they have rented or doing any extra paperwork. If you are making your customers expect, it can be a huge turn off for them. It is essential to have the bicycles ready when the customers arrive.

You should ask for all the detailed information about their weight, height, pedal preferences, and more, when they are booking the bike. There is no point in making them stand for long hours especially when they have already scheduled days before.

Reliability and customer experience

An important thing that should be kept in mind is that your customers will prefer reading the reviews that you have received before they decide to rent bikes from you. Customers need confirmation that the bike that you are providing is entirely safe. This is going to be extremely important when your customer is booking bikes for his entire family or group. A single negative review can make your customers go.

You should ensure that the bikes that you are renting out are in the perfect working order and you should also provide the best possible customer service. Timely communication is necessary before your customers arrive. You should keep the bike ready along with the accessories that have been booked. Providing a little bit of local knowledge is also something that your customers will absolutely love.

Transparency regarding the pricing

Ensure that you are transparent about the rental charges and make sure that there are no hidden charges. If the customers have already paid for the bike that they are going to rent, you should not ask for any hidden cost when they are coming to collect their bike from you.


Throughout your career of letting out bikes for rent, you will meet a variety of customers with different mindsets. It is your responsibility to study what they are looking for so that you can make their experience memorable and ensure that they are going to come back in the future again.