You may be considering the option of getting a bike and getting on the road. Whether you are an adventure cyclist or just a person looking to exercise, you must choose the perfect bike. For many people, hybrid bikes are the go-to option.

A hybrid bike is a simple and effective combination of a mountain bike and a road bike. This means that your bike is not only fit for everyday use but also fit for trail-riding and mountain roughness.

When made correctly, a hybrid bike is the best cycle ever made. However, when done poorly you will have a hard time getting anywhere. Hence, we have created a list of things to look for when choosing a hybrid bike. Use this as your personal guide to understanding the very best hybrid bike.

Things to Consider when choosing a hybrid bike

Type of Hybrid Bike

The kind of hybrid bike you choose is entirely dependent on your purpose. The categories of a motorcycle are classified in that way because each element requires a different style of bike. The most common options are:
  • Comfort Bikes- These are fit for riding through the park, on a beach or on a boardwalk. This bike is built for upright posture and gives you a laid-back ride. 
  • Dual Sports Bikes- This bike combines mountain sport riding with the speed of street riding. It is fit for adventure cyclists. 
  • Performance Bikes- These are fit for your everyday commute. They offer an upright posture and a bump-free ride. 
  • Sports Bikes- This is a bike that is fit for adventure even more so than the dual sports bike. The sportbike has stronger brakes and shocks. This is more of a mountain bike than a street bike. 


Gears can be tricky, especially if you are not a cyclist. The best way to go about choosing gears is to know your purpose and fitness level.
  • Single-speed- This is perfect for people who ride mostly on flat areas and are at a reasonably active fitness level. 
If you are doing more than the daily commute, then you can look into getting more gear options. Most bikes these days will have many gear options ranging from 16 up to 30.

Bike Frame Materials

When it comes to frames, you have a few options to choose from. Majority of the best hybrid bike brands will have these options available to you.
  • Carbon Fiber- This is the lightest and most reliable option for a bike frame. It will offer you high performance and resiliency. But it will also cost you the most money. 
  • Aluminium- This is the most common choice because it is cost effective. If you commute on damaged roads or rough terrain, then this might cause you some discomfort. It is fit for the concrete jungle commuter. 
  • Steel- This is the perfect option as it offers more comfort than an aluminium frame and it is less costly than a carbon frame. It is fit for trails or roads.

Brake Type

For brakes, you have two main options. The brake option you choose is dependent on your riding conditions and perceived speed.
  • Disc Brakes- This is perfect for you if you are a rider that goes down hills at fast speeds. It's also the one to choose if you speed around town in heavy traffic. These brakes are costlier and more difficult to service, but they add the safety which you need. 
  • Rim Brake- This is the standard brake type. It is perfect for casual riders, and they are more affordable. 
Other things you may want to consider are the handlebar shape and wheel size. These are more based on what feels right to you than anything else. The most important elements were covered above so be sure to take this list seriously before purchasing your new bike.