Even though, in most cases, electric bikes don’t burn as many calories as riding a traditional bike, they can still help you lose those extra pounds, get in shape, and improve your overall fitness level. This is especially true if you are used to a sedentary life and use your car for commuting, running errands, or just about anything. It is also an excellent way to get more active if you suffer from a health problem preventing you from engaging in traditional cycling or other more intensive aerobic exercises.

If you plan on using an e-bike to be more active, burn calories, and get into shape, some tips and relevant information can help you achieve your goals.

Pedaling and cycling do burn calories.

Riding a stationary or traditional bike is highly efficient for burning calories and losing weight, as well as for toning the muscles and improving your fitness level. In fact, you can burn up to 500 calories just for an hour of intense cycling.

Since an electric bike still requires that you pedal for the motor assist to kick in, you will always be cycling, and thus you will still be losing calories and weight when riding an electric bike. In fact, depending on the intensity of your riding, the terrain, and the weight you need to lose, you can burn up to 445 calories per hour by riding a motor-assisted e-bike.

So, as you can see, the difference is just 20% between the calories burned during traditional riding and e-bike riding.

You will lose weight without that added pain.

Since riding an electric bike is a low-impact exercise, you won’t be putting too much stress on them or risking damaging your joints. This means you won’t feel the pain usually accompanying high-impact sports such as running, jumping, or others.

Your e-bike will help you just when you are about to give up.

Often when an exercise or physical activity starts pushing our limits and becomes too strenuous, we are inclined to just give up altogether; the excellent news is that with an electric bike, you can have the motor assistance kick in just at the right time to prevent you from stopping and just giving up. Using the service for uphill climbs or riding against the wind will give you wings and help you continue your ride without losing motivation.

An electric bike will make you want to ride more and more.

As soon as you start riding your e-bike, you will love the experience so much that you will want to go riding more often and go further every time. Unlike riding a regular bike, you enjoy the view, chat with your riding buddies, and get to your destination without being utterly exhausted and sweaty. So, once you feel the breeze in your hair and experience the fun and enjoyment of riding at high speed without putting so much effort into it, you will definitely want to take your electric bike out for more rides. This will promote a more active lifestyle and help you burn calories, lose weight and improve your fitness level.

Even with a throttle, riding an e-bike is better than spending the day on the couch.

No matter how little you pedal and how much you use the motor assistance of your e-bike, you will even need to maintain a balance, steer and perform some physical activity. This, of course, will help promote the burning of more calories than if you choose to spend the day at home watching Netflix and lying on the couch.

An e-bike can be the safest and best way for people with injuries, health problems, and disabilities to stay active.

An electric bike is a superb choice for people who cannot exercise or ride a traditional bike or a stationary bike for some reason. Riding an e-bike is gentler on your heart, breathing, and body. So, if you don’t have any other options for staying active, you can use an e-bike to get healthier and fitter and, at the same time, enjoy the mobility and the fun of the ride.

You can choose how to balance fun and exercise with an e-bike

With an electric bike, you can decide when to use it for transport and fun and when to use it for an excellent workout. For example, you can enjoy a motor-assisted ride to work in the morning and then choose to pedal back to get the exercise and energy boost you need before getting home.

The e-bike is the perfect alternative to driving a car

If you choose to switch to commuting via an e-bike instead of driving, or if you leave the car in the driveway and go grocery shopping with your electric bike instead, you will be burning calories, staying active, and helping the environment as well as saving money for fuel, insurance, car repair, and maintenance, parking, and others.

An electric bike will give you the confidence you need to ride more.

Many people avoid riding a bike because of either health issues, fitness issues, or the lack of confidence that they can ride along with others or that they can handle the obstacles such as the uphill climbs or the strong wind they meet along the road. With an e-bike, these obstacles can be tackled easily, so as you ride, you will notice a boost in your confidence, making you ride more often and at longer distances. This, no doubt, will boost your weight loss and calorie burning as well.

So, there are many ways to get motivated to hop on that electric bike and start burning those calories efficiently while having loads of fun.