Searching for adventure, a unique experience and a chance to explore new worlds while you relax and unwind? There are a million reasons to take to the seas for your next holiday but here are our top 7 to get you started!

1. Escape the Crowds

Choose who you share your space with. Family or friends, you get to fill your holiday with the people you'd like to spend more time with! Sailing offers the chance to explore new places, drop anchor and visit a wealth of private, secluded beach paradises or jet off to climes unknown.

2. Enjoy Stunning Landscapes

We all know how amazing it is to sit on a beach and watch the sun go down, but there's nothing like sitting on a boat anchored offshore and watching the sun setting all around you. It's an incredible 360-degree view that can't be missed.

3. Access to Local Knowledge

Booking into a resort for a week often means you don't leave the resort or get to really experience the culture of the country you're visiting. Every marina and port is different and home to locals who have all the inside knowledge you need to find those incredible off the beaten path places that can't be missed.

4. Relax Body and Mind

Stress is our very day companion in this busy modern world. Rarely do people get the chance to really relax, unwind and de-stress. It's been shown that fresh air and the sounds of nature are great ways to reduce stress and floating on the ocean, anchored near an inlet with just the sounds of birds and water is guaranteed to help you relax and feel refreshed.

5. Ideal for Adventures

Create your own adventure by sailing the Greek islands without ever having to wait for a ferry. Visit iconic ruins, incredible landscapes and the warm waters all from the comfort of your own boat.

With sail and motor yachts for bareboat and crewed charters in over 36 stunning locations all over the world, 12 Knots Yachting Club is a great way to jump into an adventure.

6. Once in a Lifetime Encounters

Lots of people are wanting to experience the joys of sailing, with more people setting sail for long and short term holidays, which means more opportunities to meet new people.

7. Spoil Yourself

This is your holiday, you're in charge! Sail the Caribbean islands and dive off your boat into the crystal clear, warm water and snorkel to your heart's content. Then head for the nearest port to enjoy a few local delicacies, vibrant cultures and the freshest seafood possible.

You may not be quite ready to grab a boat and set sail by yourself, but as 12Knots has strategically evolved from an international sailing school to one of the leading charter broker companies, which means they can certainly help get you started on your next adventure!