With vapes becoming a global phenomenon with the effect it has had on cigarette smoking, there is quite a following that it has amassed. As it continues to gain popularity, people continue to demand more and more while the manufacturers continue to produce more. These productions include several vaping kits and accessories that provide various functionalities to a vaper.

Vape Tanks:

A vape tank is one of the modern accessories that are now widely available in most vaping kits. Vape tanks started with atomizers called Rebuildable Tank Atomizers, later known as vape tanks. However, atomizers are not the only ones that support wholesale vape tanks; certain types of cartomizers and clearomizers also support tanks.

However, the most significant drawback of tanks of all types is that they leak. This does not only waste your favorite e-liquid but also makes a mess of your entire vape kit. Even your clothes get dirty if you take the vape kit in your pocket. So, inst,ead of adding to your convenience by letting you let go of your vape liquid bottle, the tanks add to your inconvenience by making things difficult for you.

Stop Your Leaking Vape Tanks:

But do not worry. Little mistakes often lead to these vape tank leakages that can be fixed. Here are 5 tips to stop your vape tanks from leaking:

1. Pouring Right:

One of the main reasons your vape tank leaks is flooding. This happens when you unintentionally pour your e-liquid into the chimney, and it reaches the atomizer coil. That e-liquid then boils and gurgles and starts to flood out, which causes your tank to leak. To solve this problem, take precautions when filling your vape tank. The correct method to load your vape tank is to tilt it sideways, fil,l it it slowly,, and straighten it out slowly.

2. Tanks Upright:

It is important to note that you need to keep your tanks upright at most times. Most wholesale vape tanks are designed to be kept from being down for long periods. So, even when you are not using your vape kit, you need to ensure that your equipment is upright to avoid any leaks in the tank. Plus, this keeping vertical rule also applies to when you are vaping. You have to ensure you do not tilt it in your hand or yank it while vaping.

3. Tightening:

One of the most common reasons vape tanks leak is that they are not closed tightly enough. This is because opening and closing a vape tank is so common and usual that you could just shut it and not realize it is not sealed tightly enough. However, this does not mean that you tighten the tank so much that it slips or that one of the o rings lines the contact point between the tank and the body. If you tighten extra hard, these o rings will break, and your tank will leak until you get new o rings.

4. Air Flow:

Making sure that you handle your airflow carefully is essential. If you love Mouth Lung Vaping, you will, more often than not, set your airflow to the lowest to ensure the best vaping experience. However, this means you will inhale with such power that the tank will begin to gurgle and leak. Moreover, it is essential to ensure that when you are refilling, you keep your air valves closed to ensure that the pressure does not cause the e-liquid to begin to leak.

5. Cleaning:

Cleaning your vape tanks is one of the most underrated solutions to leakages. People often wonder what good a simple cleaning session can bring to your vape tank, but it can. This is because cleaning clears out any accumulated gunk in your vape tank and coils can increase tank capacity and help minimize the complications that lead to your vape tank leaking or developing any breakages.