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Musandam Oman – Musandam Tour Guide

Musandam, the Norway of the Middle East

Within the United Arab Emirates, Musandam is a peninsula as well as an Omani enclave. It shows that it is a piece of territory, which connects to Oman; however, it is alienated from it. Khasab is the capital, and together with some Iranian islands, the Musandam peninsula has extremely tactical significance. Basically, they appear as shape the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow gate to the Persian Gulf and the track, which most of the world’s gas goes into. It is hardly populated and other than Khasab, and you can probably find just a few settlements. It is for the western part of the region, where you can reach easily.

Other than that, Musandam is home to some traditional villages that are accessible only by boat. It helps to preserve the traditional Persian Gulf culture Qeshm Island in Iran. It is one of the very few places.

However, to the main reason behind planning a trip to Musandam is the region, which has some of the most renowned landscape and most fascinating marine wildlife in the Arab Gulf Peninsula. Ranging from dolphins to manta rays to grand crag with remarkable views to the marine, you can count Musandam as a great day trip from Dubai and the ultimate weekend getaway.
Where to Stay in Musandam

Do you know that camping is allowed all around the Peninsula? YES, surprisingly now you can enjoy your own camping in Musandam. However, those who prefer to stay in hotels there are options available for them as well.

A couple of hotels are located close to Khasab, and the cheapest one is a 3-star hotel. You can find 3-star hotels with awesome views of the sea and Musandam Mountains.

Besides, 3-star, you can also choose 4-star hotels to stay, if you are looking for the best place to relax, chill, and enjoy.

Other than 4-star, another option is available – Big, entire villa. If you don’t like the above two options, then most probably you would like it the most. Usually, a group of people, or when you want lots of space and privacy then it is the highly recommended place to stay in a while your Musandam tour.

Things to Do in Musandam

Musandam is the best place for you if you love diving or snorkeling. You will experience a considerable amount of coral and big marine animals in Musandam. Other than that, without trying seafood, you cannot leave the Musandam Oman. Seafood is highly popular there, in Khasab restaurants such as fresh shrimps, calamari and some other kinds of fish; undoubtedly, all of these foods are mouth-watering and cheap as well.

You must go to the KhasabDaba Road if you have a 4x4 (marked as Jeep Road on the map), which is a really amazing mountain road with heroic views of Musandam. Keep in mind that only 4x4 can go to this road. If you try going on another vehicle, then you can face troubles as it is impossible to drive there.

To be more precise in details, Musandam does not have lots of particular spots to visit; however, it is a place to get lost and stop in random points. One of the most wanted activities that most travelers like to do is a tour on a dhow cruise. Travelers book a tour to a dhow cruise, and most daring people try to traverse some off the beaten track villages on their own. Isn’t it interesting? Sure it is stirring, and you can also enjoy it with guts and nuts.

Things to do in Khasab

Khasab is the capital of Musandam, which is a small town, and you can have a small flash of what the Omani culture is like. From the 17th century, there is a fort, which was made for the Portuguese. It was not made for military reasons but for logistics. It is reserved as a supply for dates and water for the Portuguese ships.

Where to Find the Best Beach

All the way from the frontier to Khasab, Musandam has tens of kilometers of virgin beaches. A pretty hidden beach, Khor Najd, is 30 kilometers from Khasab, and it is the best place to choose for swimming. First, you need to drive to the top of a small mountain, to get to Khor Najd, from where you get dramatic sights of the bay and the Omani fjords. Undoubtedly, Khor Najd is one of the prettiest places in the Musandam peninsula. I recommend you to visit the place during a quiet hour of the day, and you will enjoy seeing turtles approaching the shores.

More Practicalities for Your Musandam Trip 

Camping in Musandam

The ultimate destination for camping is Musandam. You are allowed to camp anywhere you want in the peninsula. The natives of Muscat and people from other places come here for camping, and they always express their happiness to share their meals with each other.


A couple of good restaurant choices are available in Khasab. On the other hand, all kinds of food are available in LULU Hypermarket, which includes prepared meals as well to take away.

Best Time to Visit Musandam

Just like the other places of the Arab Peninsula, you can visit Musandam in winter or early spring. Summers are too hot there, so winters and early spring or late autumn is also suitable to travel to Musandam.

Final Thoughts

The ultimate guide is always needed whenever you travel to some new place. For those who never had visited Musandam, it is the best tour guide. Make sure to enjoy your most of the time doing great activities.

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