Travelling provides opportunities to experience new cultures and what better what better way to that than to join a cultural class of yacht fanatics sailing the world in style.

Be it a journey around the coasts of Africa, island hopping across the Caribbean, or sailing between two continents on the Mediterranean Sea? Along the way, you can plan to stop at ports, moor up, and experience the local cultural classes of every country or island you visit.

Most people arrive into the unknown with a plan in mind using information provided by companies that have paid for experience travellers to visit the destinations and review the local customs. Footprint Travel Guide is always a great place to start -

Be it a handicraft workshop or cooking class, experiencing a diverse range of cultural classes makes your trip even more memorable. This is the beauty of travelling by boat or yacht. The world is literally your oyster – especially if you are able to navigate the boat yourself. With the right budget, you can stay out at sea for as long as you can afford and visit as many places as possible during a trip of a lifetime.

If what you have read so far has tantalized your desires for freedom to roam and are thinking ‘If only they could do this’, then seriously consider it. There are thousands of people that have learned to navigate the seas, become a boat master and sell their house or rent out their house on a short-term lease so they can live the dream and sail the seas.

However, for some people, it really isn’t quite as simple as it sounds. Some people just do not have the capital and certainly cannot quit their jobs to go galivanting around the world at the drop of hat. It takes time and planning, plus who is to say that you after one month of living on board a boat, all that built up excitement leads to boredom. There are plenty of people out there that this has happened to!

Short Term Yachting Adventures

Luckily there are plenty of options available to go on a boating or yachting adventuring and take in the panoramic views of the wide-open seas. Companies such as offer the opportunity of a lifetime for those that want to get at taste of the lives of those that are currently sailing around the world lapping up the freedom of being able to country and island hop.

Chartering a boat is easy, and you don’t need to have any experience whatsoever because boat and yacht day charter companies provide a captain for your vessel. Some companies offer day charters and other provide packages in which you can join other groups to cut the costs involved with chartering a boat or yacht for the day.

Also, there are companies out there that offer long term deals where you can book a liveaboard trip for several days. These are perfect for those that may eventually plan on renting or buying their own yacht in the future so they can sail around seas like the Mediterranean or Caribbean.

Gaining Your Yacht License

If you do make the decision to travel the seas in the future, you will need to train for it. Getting a license is extremely important for those that plan to sail on a long-term trip around the world or continent. You will need to be prepared because obviously, the seas can be dangerous and with no or very little navigation and survival experience you would be putting yourself and those on board at risk.

A great place to get more information about how to get a boat license is the It may not apply to the country that you are in, but there is some great information on this website that will give you an idea of firstly why having a yacht license is so important as well as what you can expect a reputable training course curriculum and testing procedures should have.

There is no doubt that sailing around continents and island hoping offers a much more diverse experience compared to a vacation in which you travel to one country and stay in a hotel. Of course, there is always the option to go backpacking and travel overland. Different ways to travel have different appeals, but there is no doubt travelling by boat or yacht offers yet another option for those seeking an adventure that is out of the norm.