How does work affect love and relationships? 

Nowadays it takes an entire family to work together to make ends meet. When families work together, they produce a healthy relationship built on love. On the other hand, work can bring down a home. To learn more continue reading.

Work, work, work, that is all you seem to care about…one partner may say this to the other since they are feeling left behind in the relationship. When work interferes with relationships the partner on trial needs to step back and ask him or her self, which direction am I heading? What is your purpose? Are you spending quality time with your family and partner? Does your mate take the second seat to your work? 

What is most important to you?

When you take the time to analyse the situation you are proving loyalty to your relationship since you are considering your mates feelings and needs. As humans, we need to feel loved. Love includes the sense of closeness and intimacy, this is your partner feeling neglected by reason that you are not providing love or the elements humans require feeling loved?

Intimacy is more profound than sexual gratification. When two people join in privacy, the goal is to provide satisfaction to both the mind and body. Intimacy also means to share ideas, opinions, thoughts, emotions, et cetera together, which is part of satisfying the mind. Intimacy also includes sharing privacy in togetherness and personal expressions while joining in relationships.

What do you do when you are not working? 

Many women complain that when their mate arrives home from work, they often set on the couch in front of the television after dinner and focuses on the screen. Thus, this is not considering, respecting or caring for your mate. Women, as men need love too, and love does not mean dishing out the need on your terms.

A real loving man will consider his wife or mate on all decisions made unless the decision is out of her boundary. In other words, a man would not place the burden of helping him decide what to do in his workplace. First, the mate is not working your job, thus asking her advice will lead nowhere, unless she has related experience in the field of your expertise. Of course, talking about your post out of terms only instigates conversation, but is your entire conversing with your mate consisting of the history and problems of your work.

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If you only converse about your work, how is it that you and your mate are sharing? The focus thus of your conversation is one-sided, and the object is you. Keeping the chain of communication open can benefit any relationship. Shallow minds often find chaos throughout their life. Stereotyping is another problem that causes harm to relationships. Boisterous communication is noisy turbulence that makes the listening party wonder why they bother to converse with you.

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Complaining is another problem that breaks down relationships. This presents an open for communication since some people have the wrong view or misinterpretation of complaining. When a mate is addressing issues nicely and considering you while making the problems known, thus this is not a complaining action. Instead, it is a loving gesture. When a person is repeating, reciting, or continually making the same complaint repeatedly. Thus this is nagging that will only send the other mate to the roof.

When bringing issues to the front, a mate will consider the person in question, and this is visual in the following example.

Husband works long hours and rarely spends time with his family. Thus the mate feels that the mate's work is more important than their relationship. The wife instead of angrily handling the problem lovingly approaches her husband. She tells him once that there is a problem in the relationship and lets him know what the problem is, doing this calm, relaxed and collectively.

The husband considers her complaints and a few weeks go by without any effort on his part to react to her needs and feelings. The wife instead of bringing the subject up again continues her journey in life feeling alone. What do you think will be the result of this relationship?