When dating, it can feel like you're playing a balancing act. You don't want to seem too interested if he doesn't like you back, but you also don't want to send the wrong message if he is actually into you. It can be hard to understand just what men mean since they're less likely to be upfront with their emotions than women.

How do you know if he's really into you or if it's all an act? Should you go for it, or should you let him go? If you've been asking, "Does he really like me?" for a while now, it's time to finally get to the bottom of things. Here are 5 signs he's really into you.
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1. He Makes Plans to See You

Have you ever found yourself continually planning to get together with someone only to have them never return the favor? If so, he's probably not that into you. On the other hand, if he is always proactive about trying to see you, that's a great sign that he's really interested in getting to know you.

Whether he invites you to dinner or just wants to stop by for coffee on the weekends, he's excited to spend time with you. Actions speak louder than words regarding relationships, and he's showing you he wants to be with you more. You must be filling his thoughts if they always come back to plans with you.

2. He Doesn't Leave You Waiting for Calls and Texts

We've all felt anxious about waiting for a love interest to respond to our texts or calls. Maybe he's busy, or perhaps he's just putting it off. These thoughts can be overwhelming and hurtful. That's why it's so refreshing when a guy we're interested in gets back to us quickly or even reaches out on his own.

Sure, things get in the way, and sometimes, he can't respond quickly. That's understandable. But if he consistently takes weeks to respond to simple texts, odds are he's not interested in pursuing a relationship. However, if he's constantly texting just to say hello or to tell you something fun, he's definitely interested.

3. He Shows You With Body Language

As we said, actions speak louder than words. Similarly, his body has much to say about how he feels about you. First, does he make eye contact? Avoiding looking you directly in the eye is a bit off-putting, and it might mean he's trying to hide something. If he's interested in kissing you, you'll see his eyes linger on your lips before returning to your eyes.

Another thing to notice is how he stands when he's near you. Is his body angled towards you? Does he make minor moves to touch you or get closer? If so, he's interested, and his body shows it. These are dead giveaways!
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4. He Actually Listens to You

Many guys will put on a show of listening to you, only to immediately direct the conversation back to themselves as soon as they get the chance. This is not only annoying, but it's a sure sign he's not very interested in anything except himself regarding your relationship.

If your guy takes curiosity to you and listens, now you're onto something. It's even better if he refers to these things later and shows you that he remembers. He wants to learn how you think, how you feel, and what you like. This means he's looking to explore his attraction and the woman underneath.

5. He Makes Plans With You

The final way to tell if he's interested in you is whether he includes you in his plans. While it's probably not normal to expect him to add you to his long-term goals if you haven't been dating long, it is exciting to be included in short-term plans. Does he ask if you're available next weekend or if you'd like to go with him on a month-long trip? These are short-term plans, meaning he's thinking about ways to include you in his life.

If you see any of the signs above, odds are he's into you. While some guys are naturally more shy and slow to show emotion than others, you can still pick up on these minor things. Now that you know more about his feelings, you can decide if this is a relationship you're ready to pursue further.